The sol system asteroid belt is a field of small celestial bodies, usually of metallic composition, which form an elliptical pattern in orbit around the sol star. The asteroid belt is home to several bases. There are four types of asteroid bases located in the asteroid feild. The first type is located inside the asteroid and is used as a mining colony. The second type is located on small craters on an asteroid, they generate a thin atmosphere around the crater due to oxygen generating plants, these colonies serve as residential colonies with an arboritum, school houses, thearters, Cetecean labs, Salons and Art meuseums. The third type are located across the asteroid, the oxygen generating facilities are located in the colonies, these colonies serve as research facilities. The fourth type is also located in craters. Like the second type, they serve as residential colonies. However, there are several kinds of machines that can create water and oxygen in this colony type.

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