Astorija Flag

The flag of Astoria

Astorija coa ziden

The coat of arms of Astoria

The Republic of Astoria (Astorian - Република Асторија) is a country on the Northern Continent. Its capital city is Rastin. It has 4 neighbours: Ugaly in the north, Romeria and Reym-L-Dneurb in the East, and Bokia in the south. Its main broadcaster is Radio Television Astoria / Astorian TV (RTA)


Astoria map

Map of Astoria

Astoria has a population of 4.200.000. Astorians make the majority of the population with about 93%.


The two official languages in Astoria are Astorian (Асториски) and Macedonian (Македонски).



Logo of RTA (РТА)

The national broadcaster in Astoria is Radio Television Astoria (RTA). Three entries representing Astoria in NSC were selected by juries internally.

Astoria in the NSC


Logo of Astoria in NSC


Edition Song Performer Final Rank
NSC III Abrakadabra Taboo 8th of 19, 66 points (winner 83 points)
NSC IV Srce Preku Neboto Vlado Janevski 10th of 22, 64 points (winner: 84 points)
NSC V Sto Do Togas Dani 17th of 24, 44 points (winner: 181 points)
NSC VI My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion 12th of 22, 89 points (winner: 135 points)



Taboo representing Astoria in NSC III

For the first time Astoria has participated in the Nation Song Contest. The entry "AbrakadabrA" was selected internally. It ended 8th of 18 participants. It was a great success for Astoria ending at Top 10 in their debut.


Vlado 1

Vlado Janevski with Astoria in NSC IV

Again Astoria decided to select their entry internally. This time it was a famous singer Vlado Janevski that has represented Macedonia at ESC in 1998. The entry was called "Srce preku neboto" (Hearth Through The Sky). It ended 10th of 22 participants. It was another Top 10 for Astoria.


Dani ast

Dani will represent Astoria in NSC V

Traditionaly Astorian TV (RTA) is continuing to select their entry internally. This time the entry from Astoria is an rock song called "Sto Do Togas" (What Till Then). The singer's name is Dani and she is a successful singer in Macedonia, and on Television MTV Adria. It ended 17th of 24 participants. This is the worst place for Astoria in NSC.


Astoria NSC 6

Celine Dion for Astoria in NSC VI

After participating in three editions of NSC with macedonian singers, Astorian TV decided to select internaly an world class singer to represent Astoria in The 6th edition of the NSC in Bokitown, Bokia. The singer is Celine Dion and she will sing an emotional love song called "My heart will go on". After the 4th place in the semifinal Astoria enden on the 12th place with 89 points and qualified for the final of NSC 7.


Points awarded

  1. Romeria: 42 pts
  2. Bokia: 31 pts
  3. Spila: 25 pts
  4. Maccha-Brugia: 22 pts
  5. Phinechendza: 20 pts
  6. Saksjaowie: 15 pts
  7. United States of Carmen: 14 pts
  8. Begonia: 13 pts
  9. Arjastan: 12 pts
  10. Magna Grecia: 12 pts
  11. Xorientia: 11 pts
  12. Giggshood: 10 pts
  13. Salona: 9 pts
  14. Medina: 8 pts
  15. Andromeda: 7 pts
  16. Lolee: 7 pt
  17. Cicvara: 6 pts
  18. Adamsburg: 5 pts
  19. Tomstria: 4 pts
  20. Galataland: 3 pts
  21. Escotia: 3 pts
  22. Venera: 3 pts
  23. Alinta: 2 pts
  24. Hibernia: 2 pts
  25. Maccha-Bently: 2 pts
  26. Belvist: 1 pt
  27. Lost Isle: 1 pt

Points recieved

  1. Bokia: 45 pts
  2. Romeria: 44 pts
  3. Andromeda: 38 pts
  4. Phinechendza: 34 pts
  5. Arjastan: 24 pts
  6. Adamsburg: 22 pts
  7. Galataland: 22 pts
  8. Spila: 21 pts
  9. Mountbatten Island: 17 pts
  10. Escotia: 13 pts
  11. Medina: 12 pts
  12. Belvist: 12 pts
  13. Tomstria: 11 pts
  14. Xorientia: 9 pts
  15. Magna Grecia: 8 pts
  16. Manotto: 7 pts
  17. Venera: 7 pts
  18. Instir: 6 pts
  19. Hibernia: 6 pts
  20. Salona: 5 pts
  21. Saksjaowie: 5 pts
  22. Ugaly: 3 pts
  23. Alinta: 2 pts
  24. Altharia: 1 pt

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