Although only a temporary fixture, Astrophe has made her way into our hearts. Here is her story:

The Arrival

So, Michael had "washed the windows", an "activity" that involved filling a water balloon and emptying it on the windows, discovered his new passion for Mini Golf, and spilled milk on the dining room table. We were just getting over all this when a cat was discovered in the ditch! Here's the story:

I went out to check on the roses and heard a mewing noise from the ditch. My wife and I went out to investigate and half a minute later were joined by Michael. High up in the bushes was a little kitten with blue eyes. Michael confirmed that he had heard the noise when he was "washing the windows", five hours before. This alarmed us. Here's what he said:

   "I seemed to have gathered an audience outside the ditch so I dismissed it as a child being tiresome."

My wife set out a fromage frais tub of milk and one of Michael's sausages for the cat, but (s)he never touched either. The cat instead came in after some videos had been taken and made him/herself at home. At Granny's, Michael showed the videos (along with some train videos of mine) on the television (which goes intermittently yellow as the blue cuts out) through a cable. He declared that Sam was nicer, though of a similar breed.

Everyday Lifestyle

We have transplanted many skills from Sam to the entertainment and discipline of the cat. She has many names, the enforced official one being "Astrophe", as in catastrophe.

As the x86 generations progressed from 8 to 9, and the Pentium D became obsolete, numerous attempts to get her back to her owners were scoffed at, or worse.

She enjoys the string as much as Sam, but hers has a bottle-cork at the end. Both love strings in boxes, Sam with his "bed" and Astrophe with her wine-carrier. Will Astrophe get back to her owners? Only time will tell

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