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Welcome to the Athena Server Lab,

sample of the Athena Server Academy.
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Welcome to the Lab

Welcome to the Athena Server Lab, a sample of the Athena Server Academy! This is the Wiki for the Lab to layout the Academy's wiki, so enjoy contributing to it or watching it grow. I'll need the help.

As you known, students, read these articles and message me if you need help with the guides. Those making the guides, profread each other's guides and make sure to put up any advice you think needs to be added. In case you're having trouble, contact the Dean of this Academy, Ferdal, or see the Lab Guidelines. They can always help you out.

Academy Announcements

Opening of the Lab


The Athena Server Lab is now open on a Wiki. A lot of general work needs to get done, but it is open and ready for students. Just bear with us.

Posted by Ferdal

Reference Areas of the Lab

-Under Construction-

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