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The Life

Atilla the Hun was a great warrior. He was born in a teepee and raised by Squanto. He learned how to eat beavers whole by the age of 6. He one day found a magical fairy in the woods which made him a horseman, literally. This is when he developed his extra limbs. His mother sold him off as a slave and he wound up in the French army.


Tea Leaves from the Boston Tea Party. It was leaves like this that lead to the patriotic death of Atila the Hun. Stupid British tea...

The War

He killed many of King George III's Army when he worked with Napoleon at Canterbury. He slaughtered 85,345.65 men durring his lifetime. His extra limbs allowed him to hold several SMG's, thus being an important soldier in the revolutionary war. He died at the Boston Tea party because he got drunk and fell off the ship with a crate that dragged him into the water. He didn't suffocate because he had gills but he died because the tea was poisonous. He died to protect the early Bostonian fishing industry.

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