One of the major species in the Delta quadrant, the Atlantians originates from the planet Atlan in the Andromeda Galaxy. Throughout the last 6 millenia, they have spread to the nearby galaxies X-74, Y-42 as well as this galaxy.

The Atlantians first discovered hyper drive technology sometime around 8000 B.C. Over the next 3000 years, they spread across the Andromeda. In 3219 B.C., they crossed the immense distance between Andromeda and this galaxy with the help of an ancient Iconian Gate.

The Atlantians are technologically superior to most species in this galaxy

Physically, Atlantians are bilaterally symetrical bipeds with blue skin. The colour of the hair can vary considerably between individuals. As with most species there are two genders, male and female. They tend to be taller than the average human, averaging about 7 feet. Their ears end in points at the top, which confer Atlantians with an above average hearing. In most other respects Atlantians are physically close to the average for an Delta quadrant species.

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