Fading the gap

A gap up is an opening stock price that is significantly higher the previous day's closing price and gap down is an opening stock price that is significantly lower than the previous day's closing price. A higher open is gap up and lower open is gap down. NASDAQ stocks has behavior because of the way it works.

Fading the gap is buying the gap down or sell or sell short the gap up.

A must for this is direct-access broker and Level II quotes.

Trend Trading

Trend Trading is a style of trading in which a trader identifies market trends, or patterns, that occur again and again. By knowing the trend, the trader can anticipate price movements and capitalize on them.

Typical Trends

  • Earnings
  • IPO spinoffs
  • Quiet period expirations
  • IPO lockup expirations
  • Index additions
  • Window dressing

Technical Analysis

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