Human Common
Elf Elven
Halfling Halflingese
Gnome Gnomish
Dwarf Dwarfish
Orc Orcish
Goblin Goblinese
Namnagarii Nom-nom
Dominan Domine
Atani Atanese
Traow Traowan
Dragon Draconic

Common Dialects

  • Common: Beldrose
  • Royal: Beldrocks
  • Namnagese: Namnagar
  • Dominion: Domina
  • Aritoni: Ariton, West Ariton, Ti'ilic, Rebelissio
  • Continental: New Hellgon
  • Ijhani: Sel
  • Crucian: Crux

Elven Dialects

  • Grey: Beldrose
  • High: New Hellgon
  • Wood: Sel
  • Aquatic: West Ariton
  • Drow: none
  • Tropical: Namnagar
  • Skyfell: Starbane
  • Alistran: Cleos

Halflingese Dialects

  • Northern: Crux, Sel
  • Southern: Everywhere else

Gnomish dialects

  • Grand: Beldrocks
  • Lesser: Beldrose
  • Base: Sel, Crux, West Ariton

Dwarfish dialects

  • Dwarfish: Beldrocks
  • Colonial: Elsewhere

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