There are many different faiths within the Atrician pantheon. Most laymen worship three primary deities; Jana Iconis, Lith, and/or Uriah.

Deity Reign Domain(s) Weapon Notes
Aethur Sky, Weather, Air Air, Protection, Sun
Bregand Viron War, Combat, Victory Law, Strength, War Greatsword
Dion Lightning, Thunder, Rain Air, Destruction, Water Longspear
Egress of Stir Fortune, Luck, Trickery Chaos, Luck, Trickery
Enir Oppan Oceans, Rivers, Water Healing, Law, Water
Ephisis Birth, Children, Fertility Good, Healing, Protection
Haissao Fire Chaos, Fire, Strength
Jana Iconis Agriculture Earth, Plant, Sun
Lith Sun, Dawn, Light Fire, Healing, Sun
Lokke Time, Wisdom, Ancestors Knowledge, Law, Sun Strung bows No heavy armor
Mashtin Disease Death, Destruction, War
Odrid Dulmor Earth, Stone, Fortification Earth, Travel, War Greatclub
Oleandar Love, Lust, Beauty Good, Luck, Protection
Orsis Arts, Performance Magic, Travel, Trickery
Ovorose Crafts, Metalwork Earth, Law, Fire Greataxe
Paliana Healing, Laws, Guidance Good, Healing, Knowledge
Relica Fate, Destiny, Stars Knowledge, Luck, Travel
Sah-Eran Hunting, Strength, Nature Animal, Plant, Strength
Siri Darkness, Night, Moon Air, Magic, Protection
Tos Death, Justice, Redemption Death, Healing, Law
Uriah Magic Knowledge, Law, Magic

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