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There are four Attributes mainly used in Nobilis being as follow:

Aspect Domain Realm Spirit

Attributes in a Nutshell

On 2008, R. Sean Borgstrom (now known as Jenna K. Moran) released an online Supplement of Nobilis called Unlikely Flowers which by itself a novelty and perhaps the first of the long-waited add-ons for the Nobilis game.

One exciting things added to the game mechanics was the two new Attributes for players to use: Alchemy and High Summoning. While these aspects of the game where mentioned in the official rule book, their coverage was somewhat meek. This possibility of adding other Attributes other than the Attributes Sacred Four plus a template explaining how could be possible to create Superior Attributes in which they granted Attribute-like abilities and ranged from 0-9 (unlike the 0-5 Attribute restriction) gives more space maneuver when including more Powerful mortal NPCs (other than the Cammorae) or even allowing Players to use non-Noble PCs and still be able to handle a one-on-one battle with an Excrucian Strategist without being reduced to dust with a single gaze.

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