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Audenshaw School
Crest 3

The Audenshaw School Coat of Arms

Headmaster: Mr Turner MBE
Motto: Carpe Diem (seize the day)
Age range: 11-18
Pupils: 1270

Audenshaw School, formerly Audenshaw Grammar School, is an all boys secondary school in the town Audenshaw, part of the Borough of Tameside (in Manchester, England). It also has a sixth form which takes both boys and girls. The school coat of arms (see picture) is based on the Audenshaw Coat of Arms.

The current headmaster is Mr Turner, who succeeded Mr A. A. Crompton who retired in Easter 2005. Mr Turner has taught and been headmaster before at several schools, the most recent being Golborn High School in Wigan.

Audenshaw School were the winners of the first 15 to 1 schools series in 1999.


Audenshaw Grammar School for Boys was opened on 29th July 1932. John Lord was the first headmaster, with just 300 boys as pupils. He was followed by Ronald I. Porter (1955-1961) and then Kenneth D. Exley (1961-1979).

The next headmaster was Graham Locke OBE(1981-1994), after whom the school's sports hall is named. Graham Locke received his OBE for his efforts in making Audenshaw one the country's first grant maintained schools and for services to the community.

Alan Crompton was headmaster from 1994 until he retired in 2005. He had two "Outstanding" Ofsted reports taking the school into the "best of the best" list published by Ofsted 2004. He was followed by Steve Turner who also had an "Outstanding" Ofsted report making Audenshaw School one of the few schools in the entire country to receive three "Outstanding" reports. In 2010 Audenshaw School became the first of the new wave of outstanding Academies.

Chair of Governors : Terry Hall MBE 1988 - Present day. Received the MBE for Services to Education in 1997. Along with Graham Locke, he led the school to GM status, then to Foundation status with Alan Crompton and finally to an Academy with Steve Turner. He is also Hon President of Ashton-under-Lyne Swimming Club.

Although the school is no longer a grammar school, and takes in pupils of all abilities, it still maintains its 'grammar school' traditions, with high standards of behaviour, appearance, academic achievement and sporting achievement.

Noted alumni




The Audit

The Audit is the name of the Audenshaw's school magazine. The name is based on the name of the school: Audenshaw School - Audit. It has been running since 1998, when it was set up by the pupil Ian Adderley (who ran it until 2005). Julia Clarke edited from 2005 to 2006. Originally it was printed in black and white A4 format, but its is now in A3 with a colour front and back cover and plans to extend this to the rest of the magazine. At the moment an average magazine is about 30 pages long.

The Audit has a website - The Audit Online

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