In concurrence with the Canadian Federal Program for health and fitness, this campaign aims to educate the elementary school age children in the lower mainland.

Focusing on the need to educate both students and parents about the health risks and concerns; And reiterating how children's health is primarily the responsibility of parents.

we also have to adress the government (the "executive") and convince them that we deserve that extra $50,000. and for our even at the end of november, how bout something like a sports day with a healthy barbecue?

In concurrence with the Canadian Federal Program for health and fitness, the PLAY campaign aims to educate elementary school children in the Lower Mainland about the benefits of healthy living. There are three primary audiences that the PLAY campaign will accommodate.

The first and most important of course is the children. PLAY sees the elementary school children as the primary audience, and therefore the presentation will be catered for their enjoyment. This will involve many visuals and hands on activities. PLAY understands that children are most attentive to a presentation if they can participate in the learning, and if they are rewarded for their attention to detail. Since the children are from ages 5-14, there will be two specialized presentations for grades k-4 and 5-8 to allow for different learning abilities.

The second audience that PLAY will focus on will be the teachers. The presentation activities will allow the teachers to participate in order to both engage the students and to encourage teachers to get active and healthy as well. There will be specialized pamphlets for teachers in order for them to implement the PLAY program in their classrooms along with detailed resources for active options for fieldtrips and activities. Having the support of the school and more importantly the teachers themselves, is very crucial for the success of PLAY. PLAY will focus on providing enough resources so that the campaign is suitable for any teacher.

The third audience that PLAY must accommodate is the parents. Maintaining the PLAY campaign at home will ensure the best chances for success. By formally inviting parents to attended our seminars as well as providing each child with a specific parent brochure package, PLAY hopes to maintain good relations with the parent or guardian of all the children. It is often the parents who provide their children with lunches that are full of sugar and fat, but are unaware of the dangers and poor eating habits that are transfered to their children. PLAY hopes to encourage parents to provide the best opportunity for the future health of their childen.

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