This is Jsrashad's parody of Hanna-Barbera's Charlotte's Web. SuperDisneyFan15 is Co-Directing.

Cast of Characters:

  • Leo (Jungle Emperor Leo) - Wilbur (Adult)
  • Kimba (Kimba the White Lion) - Wilbur (Young)
  • Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) - Charlotte
  • Sonic (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) - Templeton
  • Starfire (Teen Titans) - Fern Arable
  • Superboy (Young Justice) - Avery Arable
  • Robin (Teen Titans/Young Justice) - Henry Fussy
  • Coco LaBouche (Rugrats in Paris) - Mrs. Fussy
  • Superman (DCAU) - Farmer Arable
  • Lois Lane (DCAU) - Mrs. Arable
  • Mario (Super Mario Bros.) - Farmer Homer Zuckerman
  • Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros.) - Mrs. Zuckerman
  • Luigi (Super Mario Bros.) - Lurvy, The Farmhand
  • 'Tina Russo Duck' (The Looney Tunes Show) - The Goose
  • Woodstock (Peanuts) - Jeffrey
  • Horton (Horton Hears a Who (2008)) - The Ram
  • Blob (X-Men: Evolution) - Uncle
  • Yogi Bear - Band Leader
  • Huckleberry Hound - Fair M.C.
  • The Dalton Brothers (The Good, The Bad, and Huckleberry Hound) - The Barbershop Quartet
  • Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons), Alice (Alice in Wonderland), and Terra (Teen Titans) - Arana, Joy, and Nellie

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