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Official Cover Art For The Single.

Aurora is a single from House DJ Z-2's Debut Album The Space Warrior and features top singer Katy Perry. It was released on December 20 2013 and is another one of Z-2's successful singles, with the first being Another Night.


A Lyric video was released on Christmas Day 2013.

The Music Video for the single premiered immediately after the 2nd Quarter of SuperBowl XLVIII.

The Music video starts off where the Faking Paris video left off, where Ashley enters the Airplane that leads from Minneapolis to New York City to escape the FBI, led by Spark Williams. As she enters the plane, a flight steward (played by featured artist Katy Perry) comes over to her and asks her where's her ticket. Ashley then shows it to her before telling her to order the pilots to take flight now. The Steward looks out the window, and sees the FBI noticing the plane Ashley's in. Stressed, she orders the pilot to take off now. As the plane takes off, Perry's character sings the song while doing her duties in the plane. The FBI, too late of catching Ashley as the plane takes off, send in a Jet Fighter to destroy the plane Ashley's in. Ashley, relaxing in the plane, suddenly notices the Jet Fighter chasing her and thus breaks into the Cockpit and tilts the plane right, avoiding the blast the Jet Fighter fired. As the passengers put their oxygen masks on as Ashley controls the plane to avoid the blasts, Spark breaks into the plane via teleportation and attacks Ashley, but is overwhelmed when Ashley uses her gun and shoots him in the arm. However, the Jet plane manages to hit the Plane's Engine and several parts of the plane, damaging it. Luckily, Ashley is able to escape by kicking the plane door and flying downward into an unknown area. The Plane crashes in a Ohio Field, while Ashley lands near a River in Ohio, distracting a fisherman (played by Bruce Dern) as she makes her way to New York. Elswhere, Spark Williams, having survived the plane crash, comes out from the debris and commands all FBI Agents to head to Ohio to look for Ashley before walking away from the Plane Debris.


  • The Song will be included as the main theme for Michael Bay's Transformers: Age Of Extinction.
  • The Lightning Shot of Ashley Burke after she lands near the river gained popularity on the Internet.

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