Aurora Scorza
Biographical Information
Age About 368
Birthdate Unknow
Affiliation none
Occupation Suor
Physical Description
Gender Female
Species Fairy-Werewolf Hybrid
Team Heroes
Family Mother Carla (relative)
Mother Flavia (relative)

Aurora Scorza is one important character from Nikipedia.


Early years

Powers and abilities

As a fairy-werewolf hybrid, the full extent of Aurora's powers are not yet fully known. Because of Aurora's heritage as a werewolf, it is likely that she possesses enhanced senses and strength, though she has not exhibited. Aurora, unlike all the other werewolves, has control over her shifting abilities, and can change from human to wolf at any time.


Aurora photokinesis.

Aurora is capable of performing fae magic - the most obvious being photokinesis, in which she manipulates light energy as a form of attack against enemies. Aurora is also capable of telepathy, the ability to hear the thoughts of others and communicate mentally, and this is seen on two occasions.

Aurora can teleport between the human and faerie worlds and also seems to be able to infiltrate dreams.

The blood of Aurora, when consumed by a vampire, vampire grants that consumed him the ability to walk in daylight permanently. The reason for this is unknown, whereas the blood of a normal fairy grants the ability to walk in the sun for a few minutes while the blood of a werewolf is toxic to vampires.

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