Aurora MP3

An Aurora Unit, from the Preview Channel

An Aurora Unit is an organic supercomputer used by the Galactic Federation for scientific, government, business, and military purposes. They are first seen in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


Auroras appear to be giant brain-like objects floating in tubes. They have several wires connecting them to their source.


Mother Brain SM vs MP3

Mother Brain's chamber in Super Metroid (top) versus the Aurora's chamber from Metroid Prime 3 (bottom)

The first Aurora was created 20 years before the events of Metroid Prime 3. They were originally created for scientific research, but have since been built for the government, businesses, and the military. Each Aurora, as a sentient being, is given either a male, female, or gender-neutral persona. Every Aurora is connected in a massive database. Aurora Units are capable of speech.

Known Aurora Units

  • 217: The Aurora Unit of Elysia. Samus vaccinates 217, who is then injured by Ghor. Samus uses the Plasma Beam to repair 217, who assists her along with 242.
  • 242: The Aurora Unit on board the Olympus. It has female programming. It was the first Aurora Unit to receive the antidote to the virus. This Aurora gives Samus instructions and acts as a "guide" throughout the game.
  • 313: The Aurora Unit on board the Valhalla. It was the captured by Space Pirates and its programming was used to create the virus that infected the other Aurora Units. It is corrupted with Phazon, and later, Dark Samus itself. Dark Samus fused with 313 is the final boss of the game.

Mother Brain

Samus's primary enemy in the original Metroid games was Mother Brain, a one-eyed brain in a tube. Mother Brain's resemblance to an Aurora is obvious, at the end of the "Aurora" video on the Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel, a room containing an Aurora is shown. The room resembles exactly the room in which Samus fights Mother Brain in her various appearances.

Mother Brain's origin: the Chozo vs. the Federation

Mother Brain

Mother Brain in Metroid: Zero Mission

The Metroid e-manga, which is generally regarded as canon, states that Mother Brain was originally created as a computer for the Chozo before defecting to the Space Pirates. This would seem to create an inconsistency with the games, where Mother Brain is seemingly built by the Federation.

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