Orilo lu Sakets

Orilo lu Sakets is a different world to ours. it is a new world, founded by an old freedom fighter, Kelly Jackson. it is a parallel universe to our own and in some ways is very similar. except for one: Orilo lu Sakets is a world built for thieves. the main industris in this world are thieving, assassination and combat. everyone in this world is trained to fight, usually from a young age. there are two main types of fighters in this world. Orilo (hand to hand) and Saket (weaponary) which is close to the name of the world which literally means hand to hand or weapon fighting. women in this world are particularly looked up to as the main fighters, as Kelly Jackson was a feminist at heart. there are five main "regions" to Orilo lu Sakets. Tako - which would be the equivalent of Asia - Mida (similar to Europe), Halo (like America), Juna (more close to Oceania) and Smoko (no equivalent). Smoko is the main region and is where the world's leaders gather. most people who were born in Orilo lu Sakets never leave, unlike Hana, who had wanted to start again in a new place since Ade died.

Hanabachi Sasaki


Hana is fifteen. she used to work as a hired assassin and thief. she doesn't remember any of her life before she was five years old, and is desperate to discover her unknown past. she has been orphaned twice. her parents died when she was four and her trainer and father figure, Ade Sasaki was murdered on her fourteenth birthday. on that day she vowed to destroy the man who killed Ade. when she was six she discovered her cloaking and mind reading abilities. she always thought of herself as a freak, an outsider. these powers (and more) were a result of an event in the past that has haunted her dreams since her powers manifested. when she was eight attempted suicide. but Ade stopped her and promised to take care of her. he taught her about martial arts and using weaponary, so she can use almost anything she picks up as some form of weapon. she took Ade's name when he died, as a sign of respect. after this she met fellow assassin Ace Mckaw who introduced her to Mala Ortega. Mala taught Hana for a shorter portion of time than Ade did, and never got the same connection as Hana and Ade had. she taught Hana the art of thieving and assassination. and by the time she turned fifteen she was fully briefed of almost everything she knows. at that point, Hana, looking for her true identity and destiny, so took her own path.


skills and powers

Hana has lots of potential to become the greatest female underaged assassin in the world. she has been known to be best with her twin guns, Rose and Thorn, but is excellent with hand to hand combat also. she knows many martial arts and is a profound gymnast. she has almost perfect balance and only a cat could match her graceful stepping. her reflexes are extremely fast, having been trained from birth to look after herself. she can read almost anyone's mind, except her fellow author fighters for an unknown reason. she also has a cloaking/teleportation power that developed when she began using weaponary such as Rose and Thorn. this power let's her make her weapons invisible, and if they aren't with her, she can immediately bring them to her hands. she is also has a vague sense of druid ability, but is less equipped with that power. she can also run at speeds to up to 250mph, which makes her extremely agile. she has an IQ of 135, and never ceases to remind people of it.


Ade Sasaki

Ade Sasaki was the tall, dark and handsome kind of man. he was twenty nine when he met Hana. he was born into a Tako based family but after growing up into the world of Tako martial arts and culture, he moved on to become a druid. he is nimble and speedy, in both body and mind, never able to stay in one place for long. when training Hana he would always move training areas every two days. he was an excellent teacher and had a calm and loving persona. he was a strict teacher, but a loving guardian. on Hana's fourteenth birthday he was killed by his brother, Naoto Sasaki. Naoto was actually sent to kill Hana, and yet, Ade sacraficed his life for his "daughter". while he died he announced that he would not die for no reason. Naoto blamed Hana for Ade dying, saying that if she hadn't come along, then Ade wouldn't have gotten killed. both Naoto and Hana vowed to kill each other on that day.

Mala Ortega

Spanish (based) by origin, Mala is a beautiful and ruthless ex-double agent for an organisation "Nadeshiko knife". she is thirty five. she takes pride in her organised and focused self, and trained both Ace and Hana. she believed strongly that if Hana didn't abandon her vain and self obsessed character, she would never progress in the world she wishes to live in. she is strict in everything she does, especially training and even more so table manners. she never became any more than a teacher to Hana, as Hana proclaimed when Mala offered to adopt her, she would never be orphaned again. Hana has a somewhat love/hate relationship with Ace. she gets wound up by him easily, much to the dismay of both Mala and Ace. Mala often gives Hana helpful advice to inhance her skills, but it seems to completely go over her head half the time. Mala can see into the future and knew that Hana would leave eventually, so tried her best to squeeze all the training she could into the space of time she had.

Personal information


Hana plans to kill Naoto Sasaki, among other things. she trains everyday after leaving Mala, and it is seemingly the only time that she is serious. she tells herself that a determined mind is neccessary to fulfilling her goal. she also wants to be the greatest female underaged assassin in the world. this is another reason why she trains so hard. when she isn't focused she loses concentration and it often comes at a cost. she has a tough time discussing her personal goals to anyone really, but tries to unveil herself to at least Ace.


Hana is generally what most boys would call "hot". she is often seen dressed in purple, as it is her favourite colour. she also likes orange but this is less distinct. she has light brown hair that is fluffy and curly. it has purple streaks around the front. she has a line of freckles along her nose and bright green eyes. she wears makeup a lot, and so always looks completely perfect. she is extremely vain and arrogant about the way she looks, she looks stunning and she knows it. sometimes Mala thinks she cares more about her hair and makeup than her training. underneath Hana's makeup and hair dye is a natural beauty who takes pride in the lovely blessing she's been given.


Hana either has no respect or no knowledge of personal space. when she first meets someone, she is liable to grab people's bags and check what's inside, read all of the labels on their clothing and get so close them she is just a lip's distance apart from kissing them. because of this, people who don't know her well tend to call her an "alien" and shun her. but nevertheless, she never seems to understand why. a different flaw is that when Hana gets angry, she can be known to shoot at people. she gets extremely overreactive and fired up very easily. she get's jealous of people if they are prettier than her, or are close to people she likes/are friends with. sometimes to the extent of fighting with them to settle the score. she can also get very careless. if she has succeeded in something, she won't hesistate to celebrate, even if there is something she still has to do.


Hana has a very good cloaking/teleportation power. she has two powerful handguns named Rose and Thorn, which she uses before she begins/resorts to hand to hand combat. her way of reloading her guns when she is out of ammo is teleporting the bullets to the air around her and catching it in her gun. her other weapon is a small dagger which is tied to her thigh which she uses as a last resort in case of emergency. when she has forgotten her weapons or taken by surprise she can just casually teleport any weapon she wants to her, or she uses any nearby object.

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