This article is about the gay fag Austin Stewart. Austin Stewart is infected with gayfagidis or commonly know as Gay Fag Diesase. He sucks his own penis quite often, and plays halo 24/7, except when he is jerking off to pictures of his mom. He walks as if he has pants full of shit, and has no friends. This is most likely because of the fact that he is socially awkward. He likes little children and child porn, probably because he can't get a chick his age. He is short, and just about anyone can kick his ass. His best friends are Master Chief and Flapjack. His favorite thing to do is have gay interracial sex. He enjoys the gay cat porn and eats baby dicks. At birth the doctors coudnt fix his gayfagidis and diagnosed him with smallpenisitis. He likes watching his "friends" sleep. His favorite passtime is halo, sucking his penis and gay interracial porn. His case of gay fag disease is uncurable. Austin also goes and preys on little six year old girls and takes there virginity away from them.

Personal Life

Austin "Gilligan" Stewart was married to Jonathan Poteat until the got into an argument about which video game console is better. They divorced on April 1 when Austin figured out that Jonathan cheated on him with Blake Watson. When they divorced they had two kids, one named Flapjack and the other is named Austin Gilligan Stewart The Second. Ever since the divorce Austin has been Dating Jacob "Skeeter" Sykes. They're thinking about marriage but Austin is his direct cousin.


Austin is known for his awkward appearance. He is short, and has blond hair that is black at the roots, which makes his eyebrows rather strange looking. Also, he has a unibrow, which just heightens his already awkward appearance. He walks around as if his pants are full of shit. On occasion, he wears gay looking short-shorts, which comes as no suprise, because most of the clothes he wears are way too short for him. Most of his pants are high enough to be considered "Highwaters," which causes other colleages to say things to him such as "How high's the tide?"


As stated before, Austin is infected with gay fag disease. This makes him what most would call a "Gay Fag," or a faggot for short. He is obsessed with Halo and Charles Hinsdale. This is to much of his chagrin, because Charles finds Austin to be rather unpleasant. Austin is known for shouting things out, such as "CHARLES!!", "Master Chief!!", and for reasons nobody knows (or cares about), "Duck!!!". He is considered a socially awkward freak, and is often turned down or rejected by most girls, and guys don't tend to like him either, because of his body odor and social awkwardness altogether.