Austin Ferguson is the future son of Randy and Bonnie and the younger brother of Carrie Dallas appearing in the Randy Charmton: Teenage Spy Boy episode: Randy and Bonnie's Wedding and the main protagonist of the 2003 spin-off: Carrie's Greatest Missions. He has brown hair and blue eyes. His main outfit is composed of: a red short sleeved shirt, blue jeans and green sneakers. He is voiced by Lainie Fraiser. At his age, he is 10-years-old. In his romantic date with Daisy, his date outfit is composed of: the tuxedo that his father wears. At her uncle James and aunt Michelle's wedding, his outfit is composed of: the same tuxedo worn at a prom.


  • Bonnie Ferguson (Mother)
  • Randy Dallas (Father)
  • Mary Dallas (Grandmother)
  • Stephan Dallas (Grandfather)
  • Marina Ferguson (Grandmother)
  • Gareth Ferguson (Grandfather)
  • Carrie Dallas (Older Sister)
  • James Dallas (Uncle)
  • Michelle Ferguson (Aunt)
  • Daisy Harrison (Love Interest)


  1. Doing nice things to Daisy
  2. Being helpful
  3. Going for pro


  1. Losing his focus
  2. Ruining his life
  3. Getting checked out

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