This article lists all important artifacts of power that are used by the Author Fighters, their allies, or their enemies.

Author Fighters' Items

These are Items that certain Members of the Author Fighters use such as weapons, magical items and other thing's.

The Seven Life Auras

Seven Beautiful Jewels blessed with the Power's of Arceus and Chaos. Arceus created them as Holy Items to help fight threat's such as Darksides, Demons and other Evil Beings. Arceus sent them to Ross's Dimension where they chose him as their Guardian, since then Ross has protected the Aura's but he also trusted them to certain Author Fighter's. The Purple Aura went to Darkmagicianmon, The Silver Aura went to Hikari Ino, The Green Aura went to X Prodigy, The Dark Blue Aura went to Nukid, The Cyan Aura went to Airnaruto, the Red Aura went to Lunatic121 and his Brothers TLSoulDude and Dimensiondude, While Ross kept the Yellow Aura, however Ross can call on all seven Aura to help him, They Grant Ross the Super-Pokemorph form, right now besides Ross, only Darkmagicianmon, Tlsouldude, X Prodigy and Hikari Ino can use all Seven Auras right now. Although Ross think's that Nukid and multiple other Authors could use all seven as well. (Like Hurricane Quill, Ranger24 and many other's) The Life Aura's have their own Single Abilities but they some of the same powers. They grant their users the use of Chaos Control and Chaos Shield. If their holder is in trouble like from sort of mind control or poisons, They can act like an Esuna Spell. They also improve the power of all their holder's attacks. Even more so than others depending on the Aura and that person's powers. For example if DimensionDude had the Red Life Aura his Fire Breath would be even stronger.

Life Aura Single Abilities

Red Life Aura: Grants User the ability to Create Flames easily without handsigns, also can absorb fire attacks and use them to regenerate the user.

Yellow Life Aura: Grants user the ability to Charge Electricity into there hands and legs increasing speed and giving them a new move called the Bolt Jab.

Green Life Aura: Not much in terms of powerful attacks but it grants the user the power to Heal and Recover Energy much faster than normal, can also awaken hidden forces within the user.

Dark Blue Life Aura: This Aura grants the user to create an air filled bubble of Water around himself. Protecting him, this is also very useful for Devil Fruit User's since the Bubble Immediatly takes them back to the surface. If thrown into Deep Water.

Light Blue Life Aura: This Aura is similiar to The Dark Blue Aura, it creates a Mini Hurricane around the user Protecting him similiar to the Aero Spell. However if you combine the Power's of the Dark and Light Blue Aura's you get a new attack called the Hurricane Blast.

Silver Life Aura: This Aura surround's the user in a very strong Metal Armour, that can be as strong as a RegiSteel or even more.

Purple Life Aura: This Aura is very useful for Magician's and Psychics since this Aura allows them to focus their minds much easier giving them more power and finese in their attacks.

The Omega Gauntlet

A Special Gauntlet made by E-123 Omega for Roscoso the Gauntlet allows Ross to fuse with Machines to become more powerful (This power is usually used when fighting in space)

Current Machines to fuse with

E-123 Omega

Scarlet the Gizoid

Dragon Breaker/Gardafang

Dragon Breaker

Dragon Breaker

Dragon Breaker is a double-barreled revolver belonging to Hurricane's Quill, similar in design to the Blue Rose used by Nero from Devil May Cry 4. However, one key difference in the construction of Dragon Breaker makes them very different: both barrels of the gun in question are made with ragnite spirals, similar to the material used in the lance and shield used by HQ's teammate Alicia Melchiott, and has the same effect: by channeling his Essence into Dragon Breaker, he can provide extra penetration to the bullets as they are fired. When it is upgraded for use in creating Gardafang, Dragon Breaker also borrows on the same technology used by X Prodigy with his guns Dawn and Dusk, using ambient Essence in the air to create bullets.

Gardafang Gublade


In addition to being a gun, when Dragon Breaker was broken by the Weaver of Idyllic Dreams, Rovus Kermeki, Alicia Melchiott, and Ultraviolet Song jat Sariff each had a hand in rebuilding the gun, with some major modifications. When it was completed, the gun obtained the ability to transform into a deadly stardust steel Gunblade. Thanks to a special device that borrows on Violet's pocket dimension technology embedded between the barrels of the revolver, the weapon can switch effortlessly between Dragon Breaker and Gardafang (as it was later called). According to Rovus, he included a special device in the gun's grip that allows it to use the pocket dimension technology to create other weapons by finding special Weapon Chips that are scattered throughout Creation. However, HQ only has the Gunblade chip, but it's the only one he needs.

Gardafang has a number of technological advances. The stardust steel blade is light, yet deadly to all creatures of darkness (another way of putting it is that has the properties of a holy weapon). The blade's edge is lined with ragnite spirals, allowing him to ignite them in order to increase the force of an attack. It's one major trick is that, as a result of its connection to Garda allows HQ to attach special prayer strips, called Sutras, to the weapon's base, allowing him to tap into its abilities as part of Sidereal-level martial arts. He carries three: the Sutra of Disaster, the Sutra of Command, and the Sutra of Time.

HQ also has a number of other bullets that he uses for Dragon Breaker/Gardafang. Among them, he carries:

Orichalcum: After Rovus perfected his forging technique with his experimental mirrors, HQ loads orichalcum bullets to destroy demons and other powerful beings of darkness.

Ragnite: Dubbed "rag frags" by the Court of Daiklaves, these bullets are made of ragnite, the same material used in Alicia's lance, Gardafang, and the barrels of Dragon Breaker. These bullets function like tank mortars.

Smoke: A bullet-shaped smoke round. While harmless, when the bullet is fired, it creates a smoke screen that lasts about ten seconds.

Iron: These bullets, specially treated by HQ, are his weapon of choice against Fair Folk, which have an innate weakness to the weapon. However, iron weaponry is rare, because the metal of choice in Creation is either steel or bronze, making areas affected by the Wyld or Fair Folk worth their weight in gold. HQ usually supercools these in liquid nitrogen for best effects.

Alchemic Ice: Another one of Rovus's creations, the bullet is not lethal. Instead, it freezes them in a sticky substance created by the No Moon Lunar in question.

White Jade: The white jade bullet has the best penetration of all HQ's weapons, functioning like a depleted uranium shell.


HQ's secondary weapon, and a gift from Garda. Akelela (According to HQ, Akelela means "Northern Skies" in Skytongue) is a gun almost identical in design to Dragon Breaker...except this thing appears to be made from blue crystal. According to Garda, is made from eternice, a powerful ice compound that always stays frozen regardless of the temperatures. However, it does not retain Dragon Breaker's shapeshifting capabilities, it can either be in its gun or gunblade form. However, the weapon is not without its own merits: anyone struck or shot is encased in ice as if they've been hit with alchemic ice.

Devil Arms

Sparda 1


300px-DA Beowulf


300px-DA Cerberus


300px-DA AgniRudra

Agni and Rudra

The set of weapons used by those of Devil Origin, there are actually numerous amounts in existence, but only a few have been recorded; Eight have been recovered and are in the possesion X Prodigy and Kisuke Urahara, wielding four each. The Devil Arms are the weapon forms of sealed demons with elemental properties, only those with Sparda's blood can wield them. Each gives the users different elemental attributes and techniques along with the ability to access 'Devil Trigger, where the sealed demon is releaed and the user takes their physical form.

Sparda: The weapon of the legendary dark knight who shared the name; Sparda is a gigantic sword with the elemental properties of darkness, allowing the user to attack with waves of darkness, summon a serpent demon of darkness, extend into a ranged weapon and summon and army of darkness kings. It is one of the three ancient and most powerful Devil Arms along with its brothers Yamato and Nelo Angelo. It did not seem to work on Wallow, the water demon, though.

Beowulf: The Devil Arm of elemental light properties, a set of gauntlets and greaves with allow the user greater speed and agility. Can summon the force of a lightning bolt, attack with rapid punches and powerful kicks and unleash powerful wave of light that destroy everything in its path.

Cerberus: The Devil Arm of elemental ice properties, a triple nunchuku engraved in ice bound by a steel ring, allows the user to attack multiple enemies in various directions. Can freeze and tear through enemies at once, summon spiked glaciers, imprison enemies in ice and can bring forth powerful avalanches.

Agni and Rudra: The Devil Arms of elemental fire and wind properties, these two large and spiked katanas allow 360 degree vision for the user along with attcks such as long range fireballs, the ability to engulf an area in fire, send out invisible decapatating blasts of air and summon a huge firestorm.

Dawn and Dusk

A pair of pistols representing light and dark, used by X Prodigy. Both are fashioned off of Dante's weapons; Ebony and Ivory, and use a rapid fire structure and can shoot bullets faster than a machine gun. The bullets are formed by the essence of a Devil or Devil Hybrid, so there is an unlimited amount and one bullet can kill a basic demon.

Summon Charms

Since Dimensiondude can't really use weapons or items, he carries Summon Charms in a special sac in his throat. When in need of one, he'll cough one up. So far, he has been able to summon Hellboy, Optimus Prime, King Kong, Time Wizard, and Grey Matter.

UFO Blade

A shortened form of Ultimate Fictorian Obliterator Blade. It's a sword whose blade was forged from opals and its handle from solid gold. A blade forged on the planet Fictor, which was lost in a battle in the world Dimmsdale. TL gained it when he fought BlackcatRin when she was allied with the Darkside's in Anti-TL's Wrath. He rarely uses it for battle, but rather uses it to focus his energy to fight without gloves.

Fictronian Headband

An item carried by Lunatic 121. It allows the user to use their chakra to its full potential...but at the cost of the user's sanity. Lunatic can use it, side-effects being talking with extreme speed and mild river dancing.

Glyph Pen

An item wielded by recent Author Fighter, Fortune Glyph aka; Lucky. It was given to her by her mistress, Maliya. When she draws a symbol with the pen, she can tap into whatever is written. It helped Dimensiondude get into the Troll Market when she wrote "unlock" on the combination lock that blocks the entrance.

The Imagination River

Though not a weapon one person can use, the Imagination still plays a major role. It is the river of energy that circles the planet Fictor, giving life to it. It can give whoever drinks it momentary power and permanent power to those who inject it into themselves. You can never guess what power you get. It usually depends on the personality or needs of the person who receives it. It gave Dimensiondude a mild case of clairvoyance and a healing factor, Lunatic's Laugh of Confusion, and TL his abilities, along with every other Fictorian. Non-Fictorians who have used this are Drake Darkstar (he received immense physical strength and energy blasts) and Hanabi Hyuga (able to see what people are thinking through her Byakugan). The Fictorians gave some to Airnaruto for the Author Ninja's birthday, but it has yet to be used.

The Sutras

The Sutras are small scrolls of papyrus, scripted with writings in Old Realm, forming into a small story that is relative to the skills it teaches. According to HQ, the Sutras are the keys to the ultimate martial arts that can be learned in any of the known worlds: Sidereal-level martial arts. As HQ bluntly puts it, these martial arts styles "are more like divine intervention rather than fighting with fisticuffs." Any Sidereal Exalted and Solar, Lunar, Abyssal, and Infernal Exalted with the aptitude can learn these technqiues, provided they have a mentor. HQ cannot use these abilities currently, though he is curious as to whether Nukid can learn these moves. All he needs is the proper mentor.

There are a number of Sutras in Creation, and possibly many others in the other worlds that grant powers on a similar level.

The Sutra of Disaster: The Sutra of Disaster teaches the martial arts techniques that was wielded by Garda as part of her duties before she was murdered. Now wielded by the Heir of Garda (Hurricane's Quill), the Sutra of Disaster teaches the Ashen Skies of Disaster Style, which focuses on natural disasters.

The Sutra of Command: The Sutra of Command teaches the Cinerous Flock of Raptors Style, a style that focuses on teamwork and aerial maneuvers. It is used by Hurricane's Quill, but he only uses it in special circumstances.

The Sutra of Time: The Sutra of Time teaches the Verdant Breath of Seasons Style, a style representing the seasons.

The Sutra of Journeys/Serenity/Battles/Secrets/Endings/Hours/Destiny: These Sutras, each one representing the six Sidereal castes, all teach some part of the Iridiscent Synthesis of Destiny Style, which borrow powers from their respective Maiden. The only one to wield these techniques is Selendro Saigo, Sakina's martial arts master who is really a Sidereal Exalt in disguise. The Sutra of Hours is rarely used, as the Chosen of Pluto disappeared millenia ago.

The Sutra of Luck: The Sutra of Luck, teaching the Ivory Dice of Fortune Style, obviously focuses around the use of luck, often times used in the case of fighting insurmountable odds and somehow coming out unscathed.

The Sutra of Transience: Used by the Draconian of Dark Lightning, the Sutra of Transience has the ability to use the powers of life and death as their weapon, teaching the Monochrome Storm of Butterflies Style.

The Sutra of Inevitability: This Sutra is possibly the most powerful of all its sisters that is found in Creation. This Sutra teaches the Evanescent Grains of Quintessence Style, focusing on the emulation of the Primordials, the creators of the world, and its pinnacle technique, simply called "Transcendance," allows them to create a world that obeys only their rules. If either Darkside or Author Fighter were to get their hands on this Sutra, it would mean a huge edge in the fight against their enemy.

Weapons Chips

According to Rovus, Weapons Chips are special microchips that can be put into creating new weapon forms for Dragon Breaker/Gardafang. These special chips were originally part of a First Age weapon that was called the Armory-In-A-Penknife. These chips were supposedly destroyed during the Usurpation 2000 years before, but instead were scattered to the Elemental Poles. Rovus actually came across one of them (the Gunblade) in the ruins of the frozen kingdom of Crystal in the Far North during an archaelogical excavation. There's no telling where others may be found, but Rovus adapted Dragon Breaker to accept any and all chips, once he's managed to reactivate them.

Only a few have been found so far, a gunblade chip, a dire lance chip, and a sky-cutter (a boomerang-like weapon only found in the East) chip. Rovus is conducting experiments using data he found while experimenting with Dragon Breaker and the chips.

The Moon sword

The Moon sword: Ranger's latest weapon the Moon sword or the Dragon's maw is an anceint Blade of the Twilight Warriors. The sword is immensily powerful in this form the revver neat the hilt allows one to build up power in the blade, release jets of flame, and if lodged in an enemy or building shatter every support. This sword was used to defeat evil energy and seal it away.

Shadow arms

Shadow arms. Shadow arms are weapons made by Twilight Warriors to from the spirts of monsters slain made by Twilight Warriors. They are imprisioned until they are deemed worthy of being released. A twilight warrior may also summon the spirits of the creature in question to aid he or she in battle.

Storm Rider: A spear made from a Storm Rider heartless. This spear can summon lightning and wind to add one in battle. Ranger rarely uses this one as it's long and useless in seriously close quarters.

Minotaur: A massive mattock made from the spirit of a gaint minotaur. This mattock can break through any armor and can control shadow and earth in battle. Again Ranger doesn't use this very often as it's large and unweildly.

Neko: Made from one of the Twilight Darkside's Drake made. Neko's spirit returned to face Ranger in the temple of twilight after he defeated Blood Render. At the point of herdeath she begged for mercy and became the gauntlets and greaves of these shadow arms. They increase Ranger's speed and allow him cut through the strongest armor even solid steel. Being smaller and lighter Ranger uses this a little more often.

Blood Render: Made from a giant Spider that confronted Ranger in the Temple of twilight. This back plate allows Ranger to summon red exploding kunia knives. If they don't explode they will poision an enemy. Like Neko it's small size is a huge advantage.

Shadow arms are very similar in principle to devil arms.

The Firebird


The keyblade wielded by Phoenix of the Darkness. As with all keyblades, she can summon it to her hand when she needs it, and cannot be broken by any natural force. It has an elemental affinity to fire.

During the final battle with Omega, Firebird was shattered by Phoenix's hesitation. When her resolve is reignited, the Firebird is replaced by the 'Flicker of Hope', although Firebird is still used as her off-hand keyblade while in Knight Mode.

Knight's Armor

A silver suit of armor passed down through Phoenix's family, the bearer of the mysterious 'Power of the Knights'. It is this power which allows Phoenix to enter Knight Mode. Under normal circumstances, use of Knight Mode causes damage to Phoenix's body. The Knight's Armor focuses the energy output, allowing her to release much more power. In addition, while every technique she had used beforehand was once used by her father, Marcus Silver, the armor allows her to expand her repertoire: first, she learns to better manipulate the golden flames she can summon; second, she creates the technique 'Trial by Fire'. This style breaks her armor apart and gives a piece to each of her allies, as well as dividing her power between them, boosting each of their physical abilities exponentially (it also causes each allie to exhibit an aura, but that is minor).

DJ's scythe/Shadow-Wave

The main weapon of ShadowDJ's. As a student of the Grim Reaper, the scythe can reap people like his master's can. He can also use many of his spells thanks to it. It can also help countrol his powers to make sure he doesn't lose countrol.

The Ghostly Katana

ShadowDJ's second weapon that he mainly uses in his Full Powered form. This weapon is twice as fast then his scythe, making it a lot deadlier. It can also use dark magic to make it sharper.

Darkside's Items

Weapons used by the Author Fighters greatest enemies, the Darksides.

The Seven Death Auras

The Polar Oppisite to the Seven Life Auras, when Jack of Blades failed to get the Life Aura's from Roscoso, he ran into Ross's Darkside Ozzy, in frustration Jack attacked him which led to a big fight, during the Battle Jack managed to make Ozzy draw blood. When Jack accidentally poured his Demonic Aura everywhere, it caused a chain reaction with Ozzy's blood causing an Old Ancient force to awaken, the Seven Death Aura's, which are nearly Identical to the Life Aura's except they are more Darker and corrupt in powers. After leaving with the Death Aura's Jack realised he could use Omega Devil trigger with all seven and so made a new goal to destroy the Life Aura's so they could never be used to harm him.

Right now Only Ozzy and Jack can use the Death Auras all together!

Death Aura's Single Abilities

Red Death Aura: Allows the user to control any fire related items such as volcanoes.

Yellow Death Aura: Grants user the ability to Absorb Electricity and turn themselves into a living EMP bomb.

Green Death Aura: This Aura is the exact oppisite to the Green Life Aura, this Aura causes a powerful venom to appear on either the user's claws or weapons.

Dark Blue Death Aura: This Aura grants the user to use every kind of water manipulation.

Light Blue Death Aura: This Aura can create a massive typhoon that is in complete control of the user. The more angry the user is the more powerful the typhoon.

Silver Death Aura: This Aura surround's the user in a very strong Metal Armour, this armour acts like Gaaras sand dome, when an enemy comes in close range, they sent multiple spikes of metal at the enemy.

Purple Death Aura: This Aura grants the user with much wisdom and any kind of ancient, light or dark rituals or spells. Basically this Aura is like an instant Library.

Dragon's Vengeance

A length of chain made of a fusion of brass and black lead, wielded by the Infernal Exalted Darkside known as Terek Kenswell, this long chain is nearly a yard in length, and the ends of the chain look like black dragon. Terek uses this as part of his use of the Dragon of Emerald and Brass Style.

DarknessTank's arm

The left arm of DarknessTank is a powerful tank nostle, full of dark magic. It can shoot out a blast of energy that can make a boulder turn to dust. He can also use it at it's full potential when angered. DarknessTank gained this weapon when he was created, since he ended up in a army weapons vault. He also gained his Tank-half of his body.

Villain's Items

Weapons and items used by enemies of the Author Fighters that aren't Darksides but are still equally dangerous


A katana which shines with a radiant shade of purple, and is the most beautiful of all Devil Arms, but is one of the most evil and vicious in existence. Despite is size Yamato is one of the 'Big Three', it being siblings with Nelo Angelo and Sparda, and by far has the greatest lust for death. It has the elemental properties of soul, and is in the current possesion of the Holy Knights Leader, Kisuke Urahara. Feeding off the soul of anything it cuts, Yamato has been come to be known as the 'Dark Slayer' and has the power to, trap enemy souls in the void of death, summon numerous but deadly serpent creatures of dark light and seperate the world if used in Devil Trigger.


A unique fusion of scythe and guitar, Nevan is the Devil Arm of Sound, and has the power of both dark and lightning attributes, combining to make a variety of destructive sound techniques. Used by the Holy Knights Leader, Kisuke Urahara, Nevan proves to be both long range and close combat worthy, having the strength to turn sound into different attacks, such as a burst of lightning infused shockwaves, a 360 degree soundwave that could shatter bones and turn all of its attributes into a single manifested being shaped like a bat.


The Devil Arm of elemental metal properties, A set of gauntlets and greaves that is worn like armour while vastly increasing the user's strength. Used by the Holy Knights Leader, Kisuke Urahara, this Devil Arm allows the user to summon and control all metal objects, use powerful weapons created from metal devil essence and grant practical invulrability.


The Devil Arm of elemental nature properties, this is the last of the Devil Arms and the most recent, takes the form of a curves blade that is weak by itself but increases the user's speed. Used by the Holy Knights Leader, Kisuke Urahara, the Devil Arm can control and summon vines, spit out numerous poisons and turn the very air into carbon monoxide.

Daybreak and Nightshade

A pair of demonic pistols used by the Holy Knights Leader, Kisuke Urahara. Both these weapons serve as the altered versions of X Prodigy's Dawn and Dusk, and can deliver bullets just as quickly, but are coated with a poisonous tip that can cause blood poisoning within twleve hours unless treated. Both are forged from Devil essence so have an unlimited amount of ammo, and have a unique feature of being the lesser strnegth of a Devil Arm when each is under the cover of their named times.

Fated Destroyer of Celestial Children

A sleek soulsteel reaper-class daiklave used by the Draconian of Dark Lightning, the newest Deathlord to surface in Creation, and the physical manifestation of HQ's hun (higher soul). While not exactly the most powerful of blades, the Draconian can use this four-foot long blackblade like a pro, using the light blade to unleash flurries of quick attacks.

Diamondsteel Alchemy Ring

Not truly a weapon, but a ring worn by Omega, that allows him to perform alchemy dealing with transforming normal metal into diamondsteel without having to draw a transmutation circle, as it has the circle drawn into the face of it. Used in conjunction with his ability to manipulate metal gives him a near-limitless supply of nearly unbreakable swords.

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