Author fighter's universe

The Dragon Realm

The Dragon Realm is a world in the Author Fighters that resides in another dimension. A gateway to this world is found on the planet Mustafar (Star Wars), for dragons are bonded to fire.

The Dragon Realm resembles our world, but with major differences. The Dragon Realm has no fish, mammals, birds, or even invertebrates. It is a world inhabited by pure reptiles. The dragons rule the realm, filling every ecological niche and taking on all kinds of weird shapes.

The Dragon Realm proclaims that their greatest warrior is their king. That king, currently, is Lord Draco. The world is also a keeper of a piece of the key to the Dark Realm: the prison for the Dragon Army, an unstoppable battalion of blazing dragons.


The home planet of Team Fictor (Dimensiondude, TLSoulDude, and Lunatic 121). Not much is known, other than the surface was ravaged during a battle, forcing the inhabitants under it and it has the substance known as the Imagination River. Drake arrived and stole a part of it for himself. The Ultima Master (leader) sent (in chronological order) TLSoulDude, Dimensiondude, and Lunatic 121 to try and destroy it so no harm would come to the rest of the universe. TL later returned to accept his title as Ultima Master, bringing a few of his friends and Team Wanderer with him.

There are five subspecies of Fictorian--hedgehogs, dragonsaurs, ninjas, rabbit monkeys, and humans. The amount of species when it comes to Ultimas is unknown.

Ancient Island

An island that sunk in the dim, distant past. The Author Fighters only go there in missions involving the ancient past. Dimensiondude and his brothers went to the island to explore the range of caves that no one had ever explored before.

Ancient Island has had a menagerie of weird and wonderful creatures, but most of the population is composed of bloodthirsty carnivores. These predators range from tarantulas the size of basketballs to massive tyrannosaurs, the dominant predators of the island.

Dimensiondude has only gone there once. But it is unrevealed if he will ever go back.

The Dimension of Dark Souls

A Dimension created by the Pokemon of Dimension's Giratina, it was designed as a Hell for Special Dead Guys. Right now the only known prisoner is King Rasets the former Darkside King. It mostly looks like the shadow realm with countless Almost glass like floating Cells. Giratina usually patrol's the Dimension alongside Darkrai. But when the Nightmare Pokemon created the Pokemorph Sanctuary. This gave Rasets many chance to observe the World after he left. But since he is a spirit he can only give visions and short meetings with other beings, such as Drake Darkstar and Shade Blood.

The Pokemorph Sanctuary

A Sacred and Hidden home for all Pokemorph's. It was created by the Pokemon of Nightmares Darkrai who sealed himself inside a special jewel called the Shadowmare crystal, this made a shroud of darkness to cover the sanctuary stoppig any kind of Science or Magical sense's from seeing the sanctuary. Only b using your eyes can you find it. The sanctuary is only known by the residents, The Space Warrior's, The Author Fighter's, Ozzy, Oldkid and Drake's army. But since Drake stole the Shadowmare crystal. The Sanctuary can now be detected by any means. This of course means that the Pokemorph Race will finally come out of the shadow's.

The Balance world

The balance world is said to be one of the every first world ever to be created unlike earth the balance world is a complete paradise with no pollution, but that dosen't mean it is complete the balance world is always changeing and growing but keeps nature prevered. Time will pass slow in the balance world much like the digital world if one day passs in another world only a few seconds pass in the balance


The world of Creation, the homeworld of Hurricane's Quill, is the largest of all the known worlds. The Blessed Isle alone at the center of it all is about the size of modern day Russia. At the center of the world is the Imperial Mountain, the Elemental Pole of Earth. In the north, snow is on the ground eleven months out of the Creation year (355 days, each day about 25 hours) and blizzards rage as you travel to the Elemental Pole of Air. In the south, the deserts continually grow hotter as you approach the Elemental Pole of Fire. In the west, the waters stretch out, islands becoming fewer as you head to the Elemental Pole of Water. In the East, the trees continually grow taller and darker as you reach the Elemental Pole of Wood.

Currently, the world is in a state of crisis. The Scarlet Empire, having ruled for the past 750 years or so, is beginning to crumble without its Empress. The Sidereal Exalted, the invisble drivers of the world, are too busy playing mind games with each other to pay full attention the world as it crumbles. In some areas, Creation and its Underworld are acutally overlapping, creating shadowlands that give the Deathlords, as well as their Abyssal deathknights, a chance to strike the living world. The Fair Folk are about to attack, waiting for the signal, while the Solars, lost these past 2000 years, have come back en masse, and already starting to change the world.


Home planet of Xemnas1992. Home to bipedal Siberian tigers. Located in the Andromeda galaxy, along with Fictor (they get along just fine). Xem grew up on the Southern part of the planet (hence his attire). However, the Darksides and Anti-Authors destroyed it and kidnapped Xem. Xem has vowed to avenge his planet.

The Eighties Realm

Another dimension, it was composed of cartoons that found success or cult following in the eighties (such as Spiral Zone, Count Duckula, Alfred J. Kwak, Around The World With Willy Fog, Visionaries, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Mighty Orbots and many others). Realizing that the decade wouldn't last forever, the G80 Council decide to create a dimension that would separate from the ongoing continuity, and that an only few people who would long for them would pass.

World of the Stars

Rather than an alternate dimension, The World of the Stars is a higher plane of reality. The inhabitants resemble constellations from bipedal bears with long tails to people with odd contraptions on their back.

Under the current lead of Cepheus, they seek to destroy all forms of darkness. All worlds conquered by them usually suffered mass extinctions, planet depopulation, and in some cases even total annihilation.


The homeworld of Phoenix of the Darkness. This is world was created approximately 300 years ago, by a group of many people from other worlds(including but not limited to humans, Balances, Mobians, and even the occasional Fictorian), led by a woman who knew it was her destiny to create it. Unity is quite unique in the fact that it is one of the few worlds where all of the citizens are aware that there are other worlds out there. This is because of both stories passed down by the citizen's ancestors, and new people coming in once or twice a year from their own worlds.

The people of Unity are mostly human. All beings in Unity are able to take up all sorts of talents, from Ninja Arts, to Alchemy, to Poke'mon Training. While plenty choose to go through their schooling on Unity, starting at age 13, children can apply for a visa to learn on other worlds under other teachers, or in the case of Poke'Mon Trainers, catch and train a wider variety of Poke'Mon.

About eight years ago, the government--an absolute monarchy--grew corrupt, taking away the rights of the people. Riots--also known as the Unity Civil War--began, leading to the deaths of at least ten thousand people. Since then, the government has changed to a Constitutional Monarchy, and all has been peaceful. For a while, people questioned how the government grew corrupt, but Omega revealed to Phoenix, who later spread the news in Unity, that he had used the King of Unity as a puppet, a mouthpiece, and caused the Civil War to start.


The realm of the dead and home of ShadowDJ. This realm is broken down into different ones, each ruled by different entities. This is also the home of the Grim Reaper, Phantom the Master of Illusions, Etrigan, Hellboy, and Yin/Yang the archangel. This realm is also best known to hold the dead people that Heaven didn't want or couldn't get in.

The realm is mainly ruled by two people; Hades and Satan. Hades is a wise-talking, deal making Greek God while Satan is a demonic man that used to be called "Lucifer" and was best known to rule this realm before Hades was even born. The Greek God's Underworld has the souls of anyone who messed wtih them, while the underworld lead by Satan has history's most evil and corrupt people.

This realm is also the home of the River Styx, a ocean made of different souls.

Famous Residents that are monsters

  • The Grim Reaper: The spirit of Death that is cursed to be "Best Friends Forever" with two kids; Billy and Mandy. He has increadible powers, but being confined to them, he lost his touch a bit before he began to teach more reapers.
  • Etrigan: The most famous demon hero that is known to be a hero on earth since around King Author's time. Merlin trained him to be a heck of a fighter in the past.
  • Hellboy: The monster who fights to protect humans from Doomsday in the first place.
  • Spawn: A strange warrior from the Underworld.

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