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Triple Author Teams

Team Ryche: Roscoso, Nukid, X Prodigy, Other Team Ryche Members

Team Balance: DarkMagicianmon, Hikari Ino, Airnaruto, Other Team Balance Members

Team Godsend: Dimensiondude, The Angelic Soldier, Chef Colette Other Team Godsend Members

Team Otherworld: TLSoulDude, Xemnas1992, Fortune Glyph, (aka; Lucky) Other Team Otherworld Members

Team Dragon: Charles Roberts, Erin, Alyssa, Other Team Dragon Members

Team Daiklave: Hurricane's Quill, Jean Kazuhiza, and BlackcatRin, Other Team Daiklave Members

Team Shield: Lunatic 121, Iron-Mantis, Warlord-Xana, Other Team Shield Members

Shadow-Heart: ShadowDJ, Moa-Nara, and Sage Quilean: Other Shadow-Heart Members

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