Authorative Characters

Builders Fantasy is a game in which you can build your own house, make a store, own a bakery, and all of this with no cost to start playing! Grow fruits and vegetables, buy chickens and sell eggs! Get better hammers to build different stuff! Buy punching bags to train extra fast! Get a fishing rod to catch those fish and sell them, or eat them! You can do a large amount of things in this game. Of course, there are people who sometimes disobey the rules and cause trouble to other players. This is where the admin comes in. The creator of this game is Sharp. He's the administrator for the game. He asks other players who are always online and are active in the game to help once in an while. These are the MGM's (Master Game Master's) and GM's (Game Master's) which are always around to make sure the players don't cause trouble or disobey the rules.

MGM's and GM's

MGM's and GM's have powers, such as the ability to Warn, Mute, Jail, Booting players, and Banning players. Mute is used often when GM's are disrespected or when a player swears excessively. Jailing a player is usually the consequence of PKing (Player Killing) too much, or for excessive spam. Often, the player is warned if they spam too much before being jailed if they continue. A GM will boot players if they are disrespected or if a player continues to spam after being warned and jailed. If this continues after they log back in a few times(after being booted a few times), a GM will often simply ban the player from ever coming back, for a while. Players can also be banned for excessive and continuous killing of other players.

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