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Master of Internet Technology Project

Terry College of Business

The University of Georgia

Client: Autism Society of America - Greater Georgia Chapter

Date of project inception: August 22, 2006

Proposed date of project completion: April 5, 2007

Project Sponsors:

  • Dr. Gregory Abowd, Management Sponsor
  • Scott Bales, Technical Sponsor

Project Contributors:

  • Dr. Brand Niemann
  • Dr. Kevin Ayres

Project Development Team

  • Rhonda Gantt
  • Charlie Gunti
  • Jun Gi Ha
  • Mike Mixon
  • Jeremy Sanderlin

Project Advisors

  • Dr. Mark Huber
  • Dr. Dan Everett

Section 1 - Project Schedule


  • Aug 24 - Initial meeting with sponsors
  • Sep 5 - Agree upon preliminary scope
  • Sep 19 - Create page mock-ups and agree upon major functions
  • Oct 3 - DRAFT submission of work breakdown structure and submission of 1st coding block
  • Oct 17 - Submission of 2nd coding block
    • Latest Scope Statement
    • Latest Data Model
    • WBS - major deliverables
    • 1st code module - directory structure & JUnit web output.
  • Oct 24 - Submission of 3rd coding block
  • Nov 7 - Submission of 4th coding block
  • Nov 21 - Submission of 5th coding block
  • Dec 3 - Submission of final coding block


  • Feb 1 - Submission of 1st draft of project
  • Mar 8 - Submission of 2nd draft of project
  • Apr 5 - Final submission of project

Section 2 Design Strategy Outline

  • What is the general goal of this project?
  • The general goal of this project is to create an organized online resource that provides a communication hup and online learning tools for the autistic community.
  • What steps must we take to achieve this goal?
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Identify areas of need
  • Assess how these needs are currently being met/not met/or attempted to be met.
  • Define a workable scope
  • Design, Develop, and Build project
  • How shall we prioritize these steps?
  • There are two main categories of people that this project can target
  • Helpers of those with Autism
  • People with Autism
  • Scott Bales has pointed out this his group (Autistic adults) have little, if any support. Most support focus is on children 0 - 18 years.
  • What technologies do we need?

  • Can we agree on a pilot project using this technology?
  • Who is most likely to benefit from technology?
  • Who else has tackled this problem and how far have they come?
  • ExpertFind - autism's largest interactive resource directory
  • searchable, rankable DB of professionals, services, and products
  • VirtualSpeaker - small collection of videos dealing with public education of autism
  • HelpWanted - large, categorized forum that attempts to span all questions related to autism
  • Calendar - General, administrated, calendar of national events
  • also links to a calendar services ( that location-specific events. This information store is not user-friendly.
  • focuses on parents, teachers, and advocates; developing educational strategies for autistic children
  • focused on creating specific technology tools to facilitate therepy and learning by the autistic community.
  • focused on parents and professionals raising awareness and education of autism
  • static web information store for the greater Georgia region as well as select nationwide information.

Section 3 Proposal Options for Project Scope

Please make additions/revisions to this section. We must agree upon a scope for this project that can be accomplished within the time and resource constraints of the development team.

Scope as of 2006-09-06

  • Create framework for uploading online courses
  • Database modeling & creation
  • DB interface module design & creation
  • Create a community event management system
  • Database modeling & creation
  • DB interface module design & creation
  • Client/Admin interface design & creation
  • Perform GIS component investigation
  • Grant proposal by Terry
  • Viability of site hosting by Terry

Section 3a Discussion of Scope

Contribution by Scott Bales

  • I regard ArcGIS Arc Server as the comprehensive internet technology solution of the emerging future. From what I have observed from seminars and reading on this internet technology, it is designed for all possible internet technology applications GIS or otherwise.
  • ArcGIS ArcServer is designed to have an unlimited number of simultaneous users, the limitations are supposed to be the hardware, not the software. The software developer tools supposedly are robust to build all possible internet applications uaing computer industry standard programming languages. In regards to applications involving GIS, I may be able to build them using Microsoft Access for the Project Team to then import into Oracle, etc.

Section 4 Proposed Modules by Development Team

Public Interface Module

  • Diagnostic questionnaire for assistance in diagnoses and classification of an autistic individual.
  • Database of autistic individuals for interface with other modules
  • Online classroom/tutorials
  • Provide skill teaching for all individuals on spectrum
  • Dynamic interface for creating visually stimulating tutorials by non-technical individuals
  • ArcGIS Module
  • Further discussion must be help regarding the content, purpose, function, & cost of this module.
  • Community forum module to be used as a social networking/support tool by all people affected by autism.

Private Interface

  • Application tutorial on how to use and maintain the entire information system.
  • Personalized webspace for members that links to other appropriate modules.

Section 5 Questions on Project-Specifics

  • What will the potential stakeholders use this site for? Visualization Exercise:
  • Individual with autism:
  • The system should help the individual develop independent living skills
  • Sibling
  • Parent:
  • Be able to lookup community resources. Find activities for their autistic children. Inform parents of their basic rights
  • 1) What kind of events do you or would you like to participate in?
  • Conferences, workshops, public forums, other events related to autism spectrum disorders, Tourettes, ADHD and other disabilities.
  • 2) Wouldn't it be nice if you knew about .....? (or What would you like to know about in advance?)
  • Same as #1, above and new books related to disabilities, interventions, interviews with authors about their books, book reviews, info about new software (with reviews by users), ways to develop language, new materials, toys, etc
  • 3) How would you like to connect with others in the Autism community?
  • I think email and/or a listserve or a website is easiest with my busy schedule
  • 4) Do you prefer a highly graphical interface, or would you rather see more text?
  • I think a combination would be nice. Too much text gets boring and also difficult to read
  • 5) What would make you NOT go to this website?
  • Too much info one one particular subject - it would get boring. For instance, I wouldn't want to read multiple articles about theories about the MMR vaccine causing autism. I wouldn't go to a website that was biased in the presentation of information. Not one intervention works with every person with autism or other disabilities so I would not go to a site that espoused only one point of view, one intervention, that had a listserve where the participants just complained about everything. Also if the site was hard to navigate that would discourage me. If the website was restricted to only people in Georgia, I probably wouldn't bother. I really want to learn what is happening in the field of autism worldwide.
  • 6) In what ways might we make existing Autism websites better?
  • Present a variety of information in an easy to read font, add graphics, make the website available nationwide as it is important to know what is happened in other parts of the country. For instance, if I knew that a school system in the Midwest was offering a language development program or using assistive technology, with great success, then I could ask my school system to investigate using that program or AT device.
  • I think my suggestions in #2 also apply. It's nice to know about books, intervention, materials, AT devices, software that is available, etc but having people who have reviewed/used them would really be beneficial. Also having professional, parents and persons with an Autism Spectrum Disorder offer advice, their successes and failures, etc would be helpful.
  • 7) Is there specific content you would like to see?
  • I think I have addressed this answer in # 1-6 already.
  • Teacher
  • Employer
  • Advocate
  • Policy-Maker
  • Friend
  • Researcher
  • Predator
  • Where are the lines of security protecting the information in this system?

Meeting Agenda: 9/5/2006

Meeting Agenda: 9/5/2006

  • 1. Review of Previous Meeting
  • 2. Review of information provided on wiki
  • 3. Summary of need for reduction of scope
  • 4. Proposal of components
  • 5. Negotiation with client
  • 6. Preliminary scope agreement

Scope Statement: 9/27/2006

Project Title: Autism Society of America – Greater Georgia Chapter
Date: September 27, 2006

Prepared by: Michael Mixon, MIT Student,

Project Justification:

Scott Bales, an active member of the Autism Society of America, The Greater Georgia Chapter, requested this project to help bring together all those affected by autism. Those affected by autism include family members, teachers, volunteers, and those living with autism. The application will provide those affected by autism the ability to manage events related to autism. Event management includes viewing events, adding events, and searching events. The application will also display events related to the specific user. It is definitely important to focus on these tools which will justify the addition of advanced technical components in the future.

Product Characteristics and Requirements:

  • 1. Event Manager: The site will provide a mechanism for uploading events to the website. The site will distribute pertinent events to the specific user after login as well as notify the user via email as the date of the event approaches.
  • 2. Customizable Portal: Provide a customizable workspace for each individual user. It will house the event manager module and allow for the addition of developed modules in the future.
  • 3. User registration: The site will allow for members of the general community to register with the website. Depending on their characterization, they will be allowed to perform certain tasks within the system.
  • 4. Security: The site must provide several levels of security. The autistic members’, especially children, information will not be accessible by the general public. Those who are not volunteers or teachers will not be allowed to upload to the teaching module area. Any user registration must be approved by an administrator or a user who is given the authority to approve a registration request.
  • 5. Search Feature: the user will be provided a search feature that will find events in their area.

Summary of Project Deliverables

Project management-related deliverables: business case, charter, team contract, scope statement, WBS, schedule, cost baseline, status reports, final project presentation, final project report, lessons-learned report, and any other documents required to manage the project. Product-related deliverables:

  • 1. Page Mock-Ups and Major Functions:
  • 2. Work Breakdown Structure and 1st Coding block
  • 3. 2nd coding block
  • 4. 3rd coding block
  • 5. 4th coding block
  • 6. 5th doing block
  • 7. Final coding block
  • 8. 1st Draft of project
  • 9. 2nd draft of project
  • 10. Final Submission of project

Project Success Criteria:
In order for this project to be successful, we must submit all of the documented areas in a timely fashion. We must also present the end result to the client for approval. Once the project is done and is in production, a critical intangible benefit will be for the client to request more projects in the future to be done by the MIT program.

Use Cases


  • General User
  • Administrator
  • Teacher / Volunteer / Advocate
  • System Clock?

Use Cases:
Users (General User, Administrator, Teacher/Volunteer/Advocate)

  • Register User
  • Login
  • CRUD User
  • Authorize User
  • Change Privelege User
  • CRUD Group
  • Authorize Group
  • View My Group
  • Join Group
  • Post Group Message
  • Search Group
  • Leave Group
  • Change Privlege Group
  • CRUD Event
  • View My Events
  • Search Events
  • Cancel Event
  • Attend Event
  • Rate Event
  • Upload Community Events
  • Email Users
  • Display Regional Advocates
  • Refer Users


  • Email Event Reminders
  • Send Welcome Email

Questions for Contacts

1) What kind of events do you or would you like to participate in?
2) Wouldn't it be nice if you knew about .....? (or What would you like to know about in advance?)
3) How would you like to connect with others in the Autism community?
4) Do you prefer a highly graphical interface, or would you rather see more text?
5) What would make you NOT go to this website?
6) In what ways might we make existing Autism websites better?
7) Is there specific content you would like to see?
8) Can you visualize using this system? Can you take me through that in storyline fashion?

User Stories

1) A user can add an event to the events calendar, then view that event once added
2) A user can register to the website
3) An administrator can approve or reject a registration
4) Users can create a user group
5) Event owners or administrators can cancel an event
6) The system will notify users if an event has been cancelled
7) System will notify users of upcoming events by send an e-mail to users signed up for the event
8) A user with group administrative rights will be able to change permissions for other users to that group
9) Event admistrators can grant or revoke event posting privileges
10) Users will be able to search for events by location, date range, event name, target group
11) Users will be able to search groups by group name or target audience
12) Users will be able to rate events in which they have participated
13) Event registration can be conducted from the system
14) Administrator will authorize new groups
15) Users will be able to view the membership of the groups to which they belong
16) Groups can be joined by users
17) Messages can be sent to everyone in a group by members of that group
18) Group administrators can accept or reject new groups
19) Complaints can be sent to the appropriate priviledged user
20) Users can login and view his or her customized portal
21) Users can withdraw from site

Client Meeting: Action Points 2006-10-17

Attendees: Brand Niemann, Scott Bales, Charlie Gunti, Rhonda Gantt, Jun Gi Ha, Mike Mixon, Jeremy Sanderlin

Time frame: ONE WEEK (2006-10-24)

  • Set date for conference call with visual
    • training immediately - Kyle Recsky
  • Scott & Brand work on outline using semantic wiki
  • Assess usability of semantic wiki
    • Discuss satisfaction of course requirements with Dr. Huber & Dr. Everett
  • LandView Tutorial provided by Brand
    • Brand will send Scott a set of LandView Disks
  • Data search - Brand & Rhonda
    • CDC
  • Agree on category of service:
    • Non-autistic to non-autistic
      • Event Management System
    • Non-autistic to autistic
      • Teacher journal
    • autistic to autistic
      • Event Management System
      • Group driven support system
      • mentoring - adult to youth

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