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Autodesk Incinerator 2007 boosts the Lustre 2007 system’s interactivity and processing power by using the latest multi-core CPU technology, Infiniband networking technology and GPU acceleration. The system is ideal for real-time colour grading of high-resolution commercials and feature films.

Major Enhancements for Autodesk Incinerator

1. New system configuration:

 Utilising the latest multi-core CPU technology and Infiniband networking to offer even more processing power for faster inline processing, shorter render times, and more real-time capabilities.

2. Enhancements to the Lustre system’s video capabilities:

 Support for video workflows through capture, render and play out of interlaced SD or HD footage  Drop-frame timecode support  10-bit HD SDI output from NVIDIA graphics card for high-quality preview  An expanded grading toolset can be displayed in the user interface while previewing the grading decisions in the reference monitor

3. Inter-connectivity with the Autodesk Smoke editing/finishing system and

 Autodesk Flame visual effects system, providing the ability to:

 Grade source files in Lustre at the same time as finishing in Smoke or Flame  Easily generate proxies in Lustre from Smoke or Flame media  Save time by rendering grades directly into Autodesk Stone storage for immediate use by Smoke or Flame

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