Surname: VanLyka Given Name: Avaleen Dianisees Known Aliases: Subject 247, Ava Occupation: test subject Legal status: Deceased/Non-existant Criminal record: Being born? Race: Mind Witch Gender: Female Age: 316 Place of Birth: Ord Mantell Place of Residence: Onderon Former Place(s) of Residence: Genetech Laboratories on Onderon and Ord Mantel Affiliation: currently none, sith eventually Bounty Licence/Mark Token: Yes Weapon(s) & Armor: currently none, but subject to change soon

Appearance: With pale skin that looks as if the only light it has seen was the reflection of monitors, Avaleen has been seen for the last three hundred years as less than human. The curls of black hair that would fall down her back have been cut short at the base of her shoulders, only remaining that long because she killed the last three people and sixteen droids that tried to shave her head. The childhood freckles that once dotted her face have faded now with no sun to replenish such childhood innocence. Avaleen is thin with a gymness' build. Her once green eyes have turned dark, appearing almost hallow now... almost haunted. The only smile that has graced her features in the last two hundred years is a smirk of satisfaction when she manages to kill or scare one of the guards or scientists.

Height: 5'8" Weight: 128 lbs Eye Colour: Originally: Green Currently: Almost black with a hint of violet around the pupil Hair: Dark Brown Other Features: The Genetech logo as well as a barcode to identify Avaleen with the numbers 0001 0070 1195 666 is imprinted onto the back of her neck; the marking and logo are no larger than an inch and a half wide. Her irises are purple/almost black.

Clothing: Most often she ends up wearing a black button up shirt with loose black pants, laced with electricity in case she got out of hand at the testing facility.

Uniform: Whatever is being tested at the time, ranging from armor that reacts to data from her nervous system to environmental suits, to virtually anything needing tested.

Personality: It has been three hundred years since Avaleen has even heard her name. If she heard it again, she wasn't sure that she'd even recognize it. At first, when she had been capture, there was resiliance. After one hundred years of testing in captivity, there was faith. At two hundred years there was a dim hope. Somewhere after the two hundred year mark, there was a rather dismal acceptance that there was nothing else for her. Avaleen accepted that she would be nothing more than a number from this point on in her life. With that fact came a certain ammount of cynicism, along with a sarcastic sense of humor. Despite her acceptance of circumstances, there was no kindness towards those scientists who would test on her, and she frequently reminded them of her willingness to kill them all. Despite the disasociated demeanor, there is a caring side to her as well with a childhood innocence. Centuries have hidden this part of herself from the world. Known Relatives: none living Father: William VanLyka Mother: Marlene VanLyka

History: It was said long before Avaleen was even born that the VanLyka family was too power hungry for their own good, but fate or the force must have been on their side for as long as the family had existed. When finally Avaleen was born, the family was at the height of their existance, rivalling the Marquis family whom remained one of their strongest allies as they began to dabble in politics. Therefore, it was not surprising that the Marquise family had been there at her birth, bringing their son along, whom was only few months old at the time. Their paths did not cross for several years after that.

Avaleen was well taken care of, doted on by her family for the first years of her life. She had everything a young girl could ask for. She wasn't very old when her parents began teaching her the ways of mind-witches, warning her of exactly what would happen should she ever reveal this fact about her life to anyone. When she was four years old, her family sent Avaleen away from Ord Mantell to live on Onderon. She lived there with her mother, seeing her father every now and then; though whenever she asked about it, her mother just looked very sad so Ava avoided the subject, spending much of her time with Vergil instead. The pair quickly grew inseperable, eventually finding out that they both hid the same secret.

Even though her father wasn't there to oversee Avaleen's instruction personally, he made sure it continued and spread to self defense, music, and several other activities. Ava often suspected her father of teaching her the self defense to throw off anyone who would think she was a mind witch, but there was little proof of her idea.

Years past quickly, Avaleen and Vergil becoming more and more inseperable. On warmer nights, the two would often sneak out and sleep outside together, swimming or climbing trees or sometimes just looking up at the stars, Ava imagining which one Ord Mantel rotated around. Their parents would joke that they'd have to lock the couple up once they got a few years older, but no one really minded the idea.

The ammount of time she spent with her father continued to decrease; though he always promised to see Ava on her birthdays. On the evening of her eleventh birthday party, Ava's mother took a leave of absense to help her husband on personal affairs. That night, Vergil found Avaleen crying since her family wasn't around. He comforted her until she was no longer crying. The pair spent almost the entire night together, looking up at the stars until almost dawn when Vergil surprised Avaleen, kissing her gently. The two best friends fell asleep there, hidden away from the world.

When Ava woke up, it was to things breaking and her father shouting. The two children made their way closer to the source of the shouting, seeing William standing defensivly between Ava's mother who was lying unconscious. Ava's father looked back cursing underneath his breath as he told Vergil to take Avaleen and run and don't look back. The two started off towards the Marquis manor, taking every short cut they knew as they tried to get rid of the guards behind them. The only reason the people didn't open fire was to prevent suspicion and fear spreading to bystanders. They were so close to his house, and his father happened to be outside at the time.

Unfortunately, one of the men reached out, grabbing Avaleen's shoulder, causing her feet to give out beneath her. The moment Ava's hand slipped out of Vergil's he spun around, but it was already too late as a second soldier grabbed the boy, warning him that the eleven year old girl was dangerous. Ava watched as Vergil began struggling to get free until he was given to his father and the situation was explained. The color drainned from the man's face, but not for the same reason as the soldiers thought. Ava finally bit the soldier hard enough to break free for a moment, and started running towards Vergil. "I love you, please don't forget me... please." She pleaded before she was caught again and a hand was put over her mouth. Ava was sedated soon after and everything went black.

Time seemed to drift in and out, but she couldn't seem to move, to understand the words that were spoken around her. Eventually she only concentrated on the soft pinging sound. When she finally did wake up again, Avaleen was in a dark room, tied down to a bed. She looked around, desperate for a way to get free from the bed in the cold room. Finally, some men who looked like doctors came into the room with a tray full of equipment that gave Avaleen the chills.

"How do you feel?" A twi'lek asked, petting her hair in a comforting manner.

Ava shivered at the sensation she felt as the scientist touched her. "C-cold... where's Vergile and Dad... I want my dad... and a blanket..." She said, bursting into tears as she felt a needle puncture the soft skin of her belly, crying out and beginning to fight against her binding.

"For goodness sakes, will someone get the poor kid a blanket?" The twi'lek said, looking at one of the two men observing.

The one with the needle set it aside before looking at the twi'lek, and saying, "You're going to need to learn to treat subjects like this as just that. It isn't a kid, it isn't a little girl. Don't let it trick you into thinking that it is." With that, he inserted a needle into the vein on her wrist and hooked it up to a blue liquid. Everything began to get colder to the point that the bindings around her wrists began to burn with cold.

"It's cold, stop it... please." She begged, squirming against the restraints.

The twi'lek looked over at her partner, horrified. "I can't do this... I... I just can't," she stammered, looking down at the girl, touching her cheek only to have her pull away, "She's just a child, and you can't say that whatever it is you're giving her could help anyone, I mean look at how many races see increased senses as more of a curse!" With that she walked out of the room.

The second scientist hooked the child up to a machine to test her senses and reflexes to see how they tested in comparison countless other. Soon after, the drugs kicked in again and everything slowly began to fade away.

Days passed quickly in that room. Ava didn't know how long she'd been in there, or even how long it was since the last time she'd woken up. Her body had gotten used to the increased sense of touch, but this time she couldn't see anything. Her arms and legs were free. Out of sheer terror, her hands went to her eyes, reassured that they were still there and there was nothing over them. There must have been some system monitoring her because when she began to move around in a rather pitiful attempt to find a door, she inhaled a gas that began to put her to sleep. She called out for Vergil, hoping that he'd be able to hear. The next few days followed in similar manner, only whatever she was wearing was equiped with something to shock her whenever she went to touch her eyes. Ava's vision finally returned, but it was soon found out that she could only see in the darkest of dark conditions, and that anything else burned her eyes. In the weeks that followed, they slowly modified her eyesight farther until she could see perfectly in almost any setting, though extreme light or dark began to hurt her eyes.

In the years that followed, the experiments performed on her varied from physical improvements to testing bio weapons and sample cures; things that animal rights were not allowed to do were performed on her instead. To keep her alive, the lab would purchase criminals on deathrow. Eventually it became a test to see how productive their tests were, turning Avaleen into little more than a killing machine. One of the worse incidents was when Ava had woken up to find herself calling out to Vergil again only to be set apon by a criminal who had been informed that he was to kill or be killed, only to find out that this killer was a mandolorian in full gear. It was during this time, unable to hold her own against the mandalorian that Ava began to recall her father's instruction on her racial ability. A moment later, he was dead, as were the three men who had been looking on.

It proceeded in much the same way from that point on until the labs became more interested in bio warfare. They began testing various gases and diseases on her as well as treatments and cures for each. On several occassions she woke up sweating, unable to breathe with countless tubes running into and out of her arms. It was after one of these times that Ava finally broke down when someone asked her how she was and then refered to her by a number. Ava tried to correct him, but the scientist shrugged it off and continued refering her as a number.

All through her time in the labs, Ava continued to fight for a hope that she couldn't even remember. She had lost her identity, but not the will to survive. In some of her worst experiments, Ava's bone structure was laced with metal, she became a test subject for numerous experiments both with the use of HEX and the recovery thereafter, she was starved and fed to see how her body consumed the life force from people. For over a hundred years she was refered to as nothing more than a number.

After that, time didn't matter. Days, years, and seconds slowly melted into one. For a while, the experiments stopped. The lab had legal troubles to worry about and they couldn't afford to do any experiments on their subjects. For a long time, she didn't see any faces other than those that she killed, and those became increasingly scarce. Her hair began to go silver. About a month later, the company was bought out and the testing and feeding was resumed. Ava lost much of her will to survive and began feeding on any doctor she could get her hands on. The people kept changing... mortals that they were, but she subject always remained the same.

Sample Roleplay:

She opened her eyes to the soft florescant glow of lights above her. Droids and men alike stood above her with snowy white masks and gowns. She tried to move, but the drugs were too numbing. Avaleen's vision faded in and out. She tried to concentrate on what they were saying, only find herself concentrating on one single sound.

It repeated every few seconds. It was not a particularily warm sound, being close to that of a zipper zipping or cloth tearing. She smiled, too doped up on whatever drug they were currently using to care what was happening to her.

[font color=orchid]"Hello light"[/font] She said, smiling up at it. She blinked a few times, allowing her eyes to adjust to the direct contact. [font color=orchid]"Why aren't you smiling?"[/font]

One of the doctors looked over at her in alarm. "Becky, did you remember to give her the second dose on anesthetics?" he asked, panic creaping into his voice.

Avaleen tried to look over at him, but her head was firmly held in place. Besides, the light was too distracting, and the man's voice was too harsh. [font color=orchid]"Do I get a present... it's been a very long time since I've gotten one."[/font] She asked.

"That dosage would have killed any human, Murglar; the serum must not be strong enough, we'll try something else." She felt a needle sink into her skin like a knife into butter. It didn't hurt. If Ava could have seen the cuts into her belly, she would have realized just how drugged up she trully was.

[font color=orchid]"Hey, I don't... I dun--"[/font] she stammered, fading back to the dark land of dreams. The time that passed could have been anywhere from a few seconds to a few days. When the fog began to clear from the last corners of her mind, Ava stayed still. She was more focused this time... more herself.

Her cart moved out of the room, carrying her into another which was filled with transparents tanks filled with bacta. She didn't have the strength to prevent them from moving her body into to clear tube. When the sweet liquid struck her senses, Avaleen almost gagged. It filled her nose and mouth for she was powerless to stop it without alerting the doctors. She gazed out, without a purpose for a long time until she had her chance for revenge for whatever it was they decided to do to her this time.

Finally, someone grew careless. They were checking her vital signes when the scientist looked up... making eye contact. Then he was hers. She used his memories and knowledge to keep everything normal. Then an alarm went off. The fool looked up again to see the illussion of his two comrads looking up at the woman before trying desperately to break her free. Not knowing what else to do, the little scientist took his scalpel, jabbing it deeply into the first of his comrad's chest.

Before he could get any farther, six guards were on him, holding him down and drugging him, shaking their heads. "You're lucky... if I had my way, Mind-witch, you'd be stuck in a cave and burnt alive."

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