A race of bird people, Aven are native to the Dominarian continent of Otaria. Majestic and proud, the Aven are also agile and fierce. Master warriors and tacticians, most Aven lend their services to the Order. Their society is very militaristic in organization, usually with a high position commanding the highest respect in an area. The last known Aven leader was Commander Eesha of the Northern Order. It is unclear who leads the remaining Avens during the events of the newest story arch (Time Spiral) - though Avens play no real part in that story line and are featured in only a few cards of the corresponding expansion set. The leader of the Order changed numerous time throughout the time line of the Otaria story where each leader tends to be either killed by the Mirari or simply dies in combat out of their own suicidal zeal reflected in their cards.

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