The Avenger's beginnings

Alex Lark was Star City's police chief. He was well respected and was a major political figure there. One day he was called upon do foil a robbery at the the treasury. The thieves escaping to the roof with Alex following them. While he was on the rooftop one of the thieves hit him with a wrench sending him falling into a pond in park from five stories. While in the hospital with revenge on his mind he became the Avenger.

The Suit

The Avenger's suit consists of a black bandana, fedora, facemask, and trench coat. His weaponry consists of dual pistols, many kinds of explosives, and a grapple gun.


His main enemy is the robot TMER, or Tatical Meta-human Elimination Robot, a escaped prototype robot built by Project Cadmus. He also fights TMER minion's a lot. He also fights petty crime most of the time.


 He often fights crime with Green Arrow but other then that he is unaffiliated. He once dated Hawkgirl but other than that he has never been in a relationship.


He has a motorcycle but nothing really snazzy. More to come :)

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