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Avery Atlantic is committed to providing quality construction services in a timely manner at competitive costs and in a friendly and cooperative way. By this commitment, we serve everyone’s best interest in an attractive and pleasing way that creates a welcome working environment. Although our projects come entirely from competitive bidding processes and not from any political maneuverings, we are serving our client’s interest in an honest and ethical way. This effort is establishing us a solid reputation in the industry.

We believe it takes a solid industry reputation, conservative business practices, as well as organized and productive work forces to succeed in this highly competitive arena. The very source of our reputation is our employees, and they depend upon the full support of supervisors and management. This cooperation between employees as individuals and between employees and supervisors translates to great team work. With this type of cooperation and effort on everyone’s part, the Company is assured of continued growth and success.

The Company can best serve its employees by consistently being awarded projects based upon those principles stated above. The Company desires to share its successes through steady promotion of dedicated and productive employees.

Our employees can serve their own interests by being productive every day and working in a team spirit. A positive and productive attitude best serves the Company, its clients, the employees and their families.

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