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Avon VII is a barren planet. There are animals but no sentient life.


Due to the planet's harsh terrain (or the power of the dark side), Korriban's native fauna was both vicious and cunning, including creatures such as the fierce terentateks. The bat-like Shyracks lived in great numbers in caves on the planet. Tuk'ata hounds were also fairly common. Dark side dragons, or Hssiss, were also found on Korriban, though as semi-aquatic creatures, they were quite rare. Wraid were also found on Korriban. There is evidence that, at one point, the planet was home to an ape or primate-like species, although by the time of Naga Sadow the species was long gone. Though it is possible that the primate-like species was somehow connected to the Sith species, no conclusive link between this species and the Sith species was known.

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