Akuseru Masato Kasaiko is the eighteen-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Kasaiko. His birhday is August 18th 1988. He has spiky, long red hair that can be tied back into a short ponytail like his Other, Reno. Unlike Reno, his eyes are catlike and have an emerald green color that lightens and darkens on their own, and his markings are upside down violet teardrops beneath each eye. His skin is very fair, and although he can tan, it takes an enourmous amount of heat to do so. He has thin lips that are almost eyes drawn into a quirky smile, and a good sense of humour. While being coined as a rebel and a renegade, he has a strong sense of loyalty. Because of his dark history, he is naturally drawn to children, and will go out of his way to help a kid in need. He is the elected leader of The Rebel Faction, and takes his duty very seriously. His closest friends from the Organization include the older brother/second father figure Xigbar, his "little brother", Demyx, his best friend and closest companion, Roxas, and his "pain in the butt but I love you anyway" friend, Zexion. In The Future, he marries Kaitlyn and they have three children: Tenkaru, Arisu, and Takeshi. With this aside, he sees Yukio as his son and is almost closer to him than to his own first son. His whole name means: Acceleration/correct and elegant man/?


Axel's history starts with his other, Reno. Reno lived in Osaka, Japan, in the ghettos. He came from a good family, no matter how poor they may have been. He lived in a small home with his mother and father, and his little brother, Shoji (name means correct/shining second son), whom was three years younger then Reno. When Shoji was seven years old, he was admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed with lukiemia. The family did the best they could to get him good treatment with the small amount of money they had. These next months put stress upon the family, especially between Reno's parents. Sadly, Shoji died from lack of funding for more treatment. Soon after, Reno's parents divorced and Reno was left with his mother, whose side he had taken in the divorce. At this point in his life he was just turning eleven. Time passed, and soon he was twelve and in seventh grade. One day his father had come to his mother's house to get a chance to see Reno before he left for Houston, Texas for business. The house burned down, killing both parents. After this, Reno was sent to live with his grandparents on his mother's side, until the school discovered their negligence when he was never at school on time and his grades dropped significantly. From here, he was placed in a Boy's Home for Orphans. A lot of guys at school bullied him for being an orphan and because he came from the ghetto. After a few more years of hardship, he had come to the nineth grade and met a girl by the name of Natsu. She was beautiful and smart, and for some reason, seemed interesting in him. Slowly, he came to trust and accept her, and they feel madly in love. Towards the end of the nineth grade year, Natsu was pregnant with Reno's child. On one occasion, she was called to the principal's office because of the rumours of her being with child, and Reno stood up for her and proclaimed that he loved her and would stay with her and their child. But this was not to be. The guys who had hated Reno for the past few years came together and hatched a plan. In April, Yoshi Katsumi Kasaiko, the daughter of Reno and Natsu was born. Reno couldn't be more proud and proposed to Natsu, even while akwardly admitting to her that he was scrapping together money to buy her a ring. Natsu couldn't care less so long as they were together, and amid the chaos, the couple were content. They joked about taking vacation in Hawaii, as Natsu had always wanted to go there. Reno promised that he'd save up money, and one day, he'd take her there. But they both knew that it would take a lot just until there was enough for a proper wedding reception. In August, the gang of guys that opposed the happy couple shot Natsu dead, right in front of Reno's eyes. She was shot twice in the head, three times in the back, and once in the leg, and was dead before she hit the ground. Reno never forgave himself forher death, and then a few months later, for their daughter's. From all of the loss and sadness in his life, he faded into darkness and became Axel. Reno ended up commiting suicide, as Axel has reported. From Reno, Axel has gained his cocky attitude, will-power, courage, and faithfullness. He has an inate love for children and in a way wants to prove to himself and everyone else that he can take care and nurture those he loves.

Recent Events

In the past few months, Axel has made quite a place for himself socially and romantically. He has found the love of his life, Kaitlyn, whom hopes to marry him one day. He has also become the reveered leader of The Rebel Faction as he so endearinly named the off-break group of Organization XIII. During the second week or so of February '07, he took Ketto into hiding in Osaka, his old home, and disguised them both. To do this, he had to trick Dey into believing he was Aseru, and took Yukio and Marluxia's help in disguising both he and Ketto. Currently, his hair is still a very dark, jet black color.


Like all Organization members, Axel has remote control over the Powers of Darkness. As the eighth member, his title is "The Flurry of Dancing Flames". As his title suggests, he has control over the element of fire. His weapons are two twin chrome and red embellished chakrams which he can summon at any time. The weapons catch on fire, enabling him to control them so they return to him like a boomerang would. He can twirl them inbetween his fingers, make them whirl in tight circles just beyond his grasp, and make them perform a complicated series of manuvers with little to no physcial contact. He is currently learning who to Bind Soulless from a sensei. Furthermore, if one is to press on his lower back while he is asleep, he will emit a low sort of purring noise, much like a cat.


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