Spoilers: I'm going to stick to Basics for a while, even though they contain spoilers...


AKA: Sergeant Axel

Age: ~100 in year 0 (~80 during Axel)

Looks: unruly dirty blond curls, hazel eyes. Hunk.

Character: Warm, open-hearted, cheerful, appreciative.

Special skills: Non-com military leadership. Strong majutsu for a demon commoner.

Family: Axel's mother works the Castle Bielenfeld laundry, with his sisters. His father died in action in the army. His father's ex-commander set Axel up with a horse and cavalry kit to get a good start in life, when Axel was ~50.

Axel was Wolfram's first serious lover. What started out as casual sword practice, led to Wolfram pursuing a commission as a Bielenfeld cavalry officer over Axel's orphaned troop (Axel). But when both men received promotions (to sergeant and commander), they felt that the officers they wanted to be, would not be having a commoner-noble, subordinate-commander liaison, and broke off their personal relationship.

Axel took up with Robair next, one of the youths who died in captivity with Wolfram in Mizrat, raped to death (BoW). Axel went to heroic lengths in Wolfram's rescue, but when he saw what happened to the captives, he went into a berserker rage, and was also killed.

Stories: The Bedding of Wolfram, Axel

Axel also appears in Well of the 5 Kings. It turns out he got his powerful majutsu by being the by-blow of a Duke. But he only ever found out about this in an alternate reality. We presume it was true in both realities, however.

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