Aya's Grand Adventure: The Search For Koga is a fan-fiction film created by Pikachufreak.

Plot of this movie

  • The movie starts with Aya waking up one perfect morning. She wakes her sister Marissa up and the two head for the kitchen where Professor Ivy and Tokichi have made a delicious breakfast. After eating them, Aya and Marissa head outside to play. The two know how great being sisters do and they sing When You're A Sister of Mine. In Satsuki's room, she had just put her normal outfit on and calls Fluffles. They head to Charmaine's room where she and Fluffy are watching Cheer Squad. In Koga's room, he is practicing with his skills when Master Fung arrives and tells him that Sonic, Yamcha and Sago are doing good exercises. In Goneff's room, he is doing some juggling acts and Wendy watches in amazement. Omega Red, Mystique, Joker and Harley Quinn watch the act as well. In Wilbur's room, he and Cyrus are practicing dance steps with Marie and Topaz. Later, Sonic meets up with his good friend Presley Carnovan, who tells him that Janet Van Dyne is discussing with Ron Stoppable about being a superhero. Together, they both sing I Believe I Can Fight. In Mateo's room, he and Bill watch Athena Asamiya and Stella do some circus acts. Meanwhile, Shredder plans to rule the world as he and Dr. Eggman watch from the lair. Outside, Alan Chan and Tom Chan, together with both Rook Blonko and Hiccup, are having big promotions. Charmcaster and Dr. Animo are in need of training. Later, Aya and Marissa meet Koga and Fung's girlfriends Tsunade and Maria Amino who explain that Koga's main total crush is Inaho and that she and Kankuro are both doing dance lessons. Back at home, Satsuki and Charmaine have become prettier in their Mizuho and Shirley outfits and the two sing We Love Being Pretty while wiggling their nyloned toes. Later, Charity, Hope and Faith are inventing a mechanical version of Professor Ivy when Donald's Nephews show up. Huey, Dewey and Louie explain that Koga is running for class president and the assistants are excited. Later, Sonic and Presley encounter Shadow and Randy Cunningham and they both get into rivalries. However, Maria and Linda Danvers are in great luck. Later, Wilbur meets up with Agent J who explains that Agent L is doing some exercises and the two sing Rap It Up. At the streets, Aya starts doing safety patrol, dressed in and Officer Jenny outfit. After that, she returns home and finds Koga and the others waiting for her. Celebrating their victory, the movie finishes with Aya kissing Sonic for having him and Presley be friends together.


  1. Aya
  2. Marissa
  3. Professor Ivy
  4. Tokichi
  5. Satsuki
  6. Charmaine
  7. Fluffles
  8. Fluffy
  9. Koga
  10. Master Fung
  11. Sonic
  12. Yamcha
  13. Sago
  14. Goneff
  15. Wendy
  16. Omega Red
  17. Mystique
  18. Joker
  19. Harley Quinn
  20. Wilbur
  21. Cyrus
  22. Marie
  23. Topaz
  24. Presley Carnovan
  25. Janet Van Dyne
  26. Ron Stoppable
  27. Mateo
  28. Bill
  29. Shredder
  30. Dr. Eggman
  31. Alan Chan
  32. Tom Chan
  33. Rook Blonko
  34. Hiccup
  35. Charmcaster
  36. Dr. Animo
  37. Tsunade
  38. Maria Amino
  39. Inaho
  40. Kankuro
  41. Charity
  42. Hope
  43. Faith
  44. Huey
  45. Dewey
  46. Louie
  47. Shadow
  48. Randy Cunnigham
  49. Maria
  50. Linda Danvers
  51. Agent J
  52. Agent L


  1. When You're A Sister of Mine
  2. I Believe I Can Fly
  3. We Love Being Pretty
  4. Rap It Up

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