Stofonian ruler. Common name Stofstan I, Full name Ayst Inst an Stofstans; Lived 876-945 EYE, reigned 908-945 EYE

Ayst Inst was the first Sinistan ("King") of the city-state of Stofstans. It was once commonly believed that he actually founded the city, but this is highly unlikely. The more likely story is that he was the leader of a group of Masters of Arms, and seized power during a time of unrest in the city.

He turned his Masters guild into a permanent standing army for the city. He took it upon himself to be the supreme lawgiver and judge of the city, with the power of his army to enforce his decisions. Whatever institutions of government existed in Stofstans before 908 were destroyed, and replaced with the absolute authority of the King.

It is not known if the honoric "an Stofstans" was added to his name during his reign, or posthumously.

His reign is the beginning of Kingdom of Stofonia, which grew into the Stofonian Empire.

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