Name: Azmahan Galanedel

Home: Badlands

Primary Weapon: Bow

Secondary Weapon: Dagger

Class: Ranger


Azmahan Galanedel was born near the badlands. He spent most of his life avoiding danger and tracking prey. His father, Kovacus Galanedel, was a great warrior among the few elves in the badlands, but it is not easy in or near the badlands. The constant threat of attack was never far away. Kovacus always told Azamahan about his great adventures. Azmahan learned everything from his father. Though not as powerful as his father, he can mirror him almost perfectly. One night the undead attacked, his father took up arms, but everyone else only looked out for themselves and left him to slaughter.

He fought with courage, and ferocity, but was overwhelmed. Azamahan tried to fight, but couldn't help, he was knocked down and saw his father dragged away deep within the badlands. When he woke up he tried tracking his father down. All he found was his ranseur staked in the ground, and the trail cold, as if he had disappeared. He took the ranseur and left his home. Only looking out for his best interest, and that of nature. He searches for any possible signs of his father.


AC: 18

HP: 20

Init: 4







Fort +5

Ref +7

Will +2

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