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ZackLEGOHarryPotter's movie-spoof of "Barney and Friends"


  • Barney - B.O.B. (Monsters vs Aliens)
  • Baby Bop - XJ-3 (My Life as a Teenage Robot)
  • B.J. - Jimmy Neutron
  • The Backyard Gang - SpongeBob SquarePants, XJ-4 (My Life as a Teenage Robot), Bugs Bunny, Edmond (Rock a Doodle), Young Simba (The Lion King), Berlioz (The Aristocats), Toulouse (The Aristocats), Marie (The Aristocats), Oliver (Oliver and Company), Pinocchio, Wart (The Sword in the Stone), Mowgli (The Jungle Book), Taran (The Black Cauldron), Eilonwy (The Black Cauldron), Toaster (The Brave Little Toaster)

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