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BBC Children's Super Collection Is A 1994 UK VHS Released By (Obviously) BBC Video On The 13th August. It Has 10 Episodes.


1. Postman Pat Takes A Message (1981)

2. Tales Of The Toothfaries Mission Toothbrush (199?)

3. Noddy Goes Shopping (1992)

4. Hairy Jeremy Ice To See You (1992)

5. Fireman Sam Lost Cat (1987)

6. Charlie Chalk Shipwrecked Charlie (1988)

7. Joshua Jones Hairwire (1992)

8. Spider Monkey Business (1991)

9. Playdays Gigantic (1991)

10. Wombles, Episode 27 (1973)




2.1990 BBC Video Logo

3. William's Wish Wellingtons Preview

4. Also Avalible From BBC Video

5. Title Card

6. Postman Pat Intro


1. Wombles Ending

2. BBC Video Logo

3. Warning

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