Bbc one street art ident 2016

The Pavement Art ident.

The BBC One 'Connections' Idents are a set of on-screen channel identities on BBC One since 25 September 2015. They also feature on the BBC Worldwide channel, BBC America. The idents contain images of colorful objects moving around whist certain actions and movements are performed on the screen.


Components of Look


Title Air dates Description
Pavement Art 25 September 2015 – Present The ident starts with several people painting large red stripes on what first appears to be a pavement. We soon see they are actually painting on a rooftop as the camera pans over the edge of the building. The red stripes continue down the side of the building and onto the ground below where they form unusual patterns. The logo appears on the ground when the camera moves over the edge of the roof. This was the first ident from the new package to be aired and is often used to introduce the BBC News.
Lake 25 September 2015 – Present A single person rows a small wooden rowing boat with schools of yellow and orange fish swimming in the lake below. The logo appears from behind a tree. Filmed in Ullswater in Cumbria. This ident is often used to introduce serious or factual programming as well as the BBC News.
Beach 25 September 2015 – Present The ident starts as a simple beach scene when the yellow windbreak suddenly bursts out to the side and starts to fly up soon to be joined by an orange wind break. The logo appears from behind the windbreak. The ident is mostly used prior to entertainment or daytime programming.
Basketball 25 September 2015 An Ivy-like plant grows up the back of a basketball hoop. The camera pans round revealing the full basketball court. The green plants start to cover the whole court and yellow flowers begin to grow. The logo sprouts open like a flower when the yellow flowers open on the back of the basketball hoop. Edited in April 2010
Market 25 September 2015 – Present An ornate curtain floats up revealing an exotic street market. The camera follows one man then follows a second man through the market. Throughout the ident, small yellow birds fly round. The logo appears from behind the second man.
Lightbulb 25 September 2015 - Present (Northern Ireland);
18 November 2015 – Present (Network)
A young man jumps across buildings in Canary Wharf in a power cut-affected London, until reaching the light switch, in which he runs and jumps towards, revealing the logo, and regaining power in the City as the man continuously swinging on the switch. This ident is used before all BBC One programmes shown on the BBC iPlayer.

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