BFA Changes

Below are the changes to the current Article V Section 1 to add the new positions. Changes are in bold.

Article V - Bravo Fleet Admiralty

Section 1 - Membership

For a complete list of current members, please see Bravo Fleet Admiralty
  1. The Body known as the Bravo Fleet Senior Staff shall serve as the executive committee of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty. It includes the following members:
    1. The Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer (BFCO) shall be the chair of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty.
    2. The Bravo Fleet Executive Officer (BFXO) shall be the vice-chair of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty, and shall directly oversee the task forces.
    3. The Bravo Fleet Operations Officer (BFOPS) shall manage the fleet registry and approve all roster requests.
    4. The Staff Judge Advocate General (JAGCO) shall be chair of the JAG Corps.
  2. Other members form the general body of the BFA and are as follows:
    1. The Bravo Fleet Academy Commandant (BFAC) shall administer the Bravo Fleet Academy.
    2. The Bravo Fleet Internet Officer (BFIO) shall maintain and develop Bravo Fleet's online infrastructure.
    3. The Bravo Fleet Communications Officer (COMM) shall manage all fleet communications systems and oversee recruitment.
    4. The Bravo Fleet Logistics Officer (BFLO) shall manage the Bravo Fleet Wiki and oversee the fleet's canon and history.
    5. Each Task Force Commanding Officer (TFCO) of a Task Force established by by-law.
  3. No BFA member shall occupy any other BFA-level position except on an acting or emergency basis until a qualified person for the position can be found.

Command Adjutants

Below is a new Section 4, with the current sections 4 and 5 becoming 5 and 6. This will create the positions of Command Adjutant.

Article IV - Structure of the Fleet

Section 4 - Command Adjutants

  1. Bravo Fleet Admiralty members outside of the BFCO, BFXO, TFCO's, and JAGCO shall appoint members to the position of Command Adjutant to serve as their department's executive officer.
    1. Command Adjutants shall be considered the equivalent of a TFXO for purposes of promotional eligibility and award recommendation authority. When serving on a sim or in a Commanding Officer position, however, they are still constrained to display their other position's maximum rank on the Sim and/or Task Force rosters.
    2. Officers serving as Command Adjutants need not be current CO's of a Bravo Fleet Sim.
  2. The current Command Adjutant positions are as follows:
    1. Command Adjutant: Operations Office (CA:OPS)
    2. Command Adjutant: Academy (CA:AC)
    3. Command Adjutant: Internet Office (CA:IO)
    4. Command Adjutant: Communications Office (CA:COMM)
    5. Command Adjutant: Logistics Office (CA:LO)

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