Section 2 - Task Forces

  1. Every simm in the fleet will be assigned to a group of simms known as a Task Force.
  2. No Task Force in Bravo Fleet shall exceed 14 simulations, including simulation types defined by by-law.
    1. A simulation whose GM is a member of the Bravo Fleet Senior Staff is not be counted against that limit.
    2. No Task Force shall have a ship marked open if it has the maximum number of simms, or more than two simms that are below "Active" status concurrently.
    3. Notwithstanding the above, an exception can be granted by the Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff.
  3. A Bravo Fleet Task Force must be arranged as follows:
    1. A command group consisting only of staff holding the position of Task Force Executive Officer or above.
    2. No more than three additional groups known as Task Groups, consisting of no more than four simulations each.
      1. Task Groups are to be designated Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.
  4. The Task Force staff must consist of:
    1. A deputy known as the Task Force Executive Officer.
    2. A leader for each Task Group known as a Task Group Commanding Officer.
    3. Notwithstanding any other role a member of a TF staff may have in Bravo Fleet, he or she will be primarily charged with his or her TF staff role and will be ultimately accountable to his or her TFCO for the purposes of the chain of command.
  5. Each Bravo Fleet Task Force must be chartered via By-law #1.1 which specifies the following:
    1. The Task Force number
    2. The Task Force area of operation
    3. The Task Force symbol

By-law #1.1 - Task Forces

  1. Per Article IV, Section 2 of the Constitution, Bravo Fleet shall have the following Task Forces:
    1. Task Force 9 operating in the Gamma Quadrant. (logo link)
    2. Task Force 38 operating in the Delta Quadrant. (logo link)
    3. Task Force 47 operating in the Gavarian Corridor. (logo link)
    4. Task Force 72 operating on the Breen border. (logo link)
    5. Task Force 86 operating in the Klingon/Gorn/Tholian region. (logo link)
    6. Task Force 93 operating along the Romulan Neutral Zone. (logo link)

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