The Physical Statributes represent the physical characteristics of your character. Each of the stats represents something different.


The physical power of your body.
  1. Standing up would require an act of God.
  2. You have the strength of an aging senior citizen.
  3. You have the average strength of a female human.
  4. You have the average strength of a male human.
  5. You are a normal, human Jedi that works out regularly.
  6. If you were a Wookiee, you’d be the runt of the litter.
  7. You could hold up in an arm-wrestling match with a Wookiee.
  8. You have the average strength of a Wookiee.
  9. Superior strength to most large-framed species.
  10. You could stop a Wookiee with one blow.
  11. *drop* *punt* What Wookiee?.


Your physical quickness and coordination.
  1. You once tripped over an imaginary deceased turtle and broke your nose.
  2. Your family lets you carve the nerf tenderloin... with hesitation.
  3. You can barely walk and chew gum at the same time.
  4. Average human agility. You can perform most actions to a normal degree.
  5. Slighty above average agility. You have few problems at the shooting range.
  6. You have an excellent sense of balance and hand-eye coordination. Limited ambidexterity.
  7. You can wield two weapons simultaneously with little hindrance.
  8. Proficient ambidexterity.
  9. You've been known to juggle vibroblades blind-folded.
  10. You hold your nose up to Cirque de Soleil.
  11. Even Bishop would stand in awe at your speed with a knife.


Physical energy and motivation.
  1. Jabba thinks you're a lazy bum.
  2. Why do today what you can put off indefinitely?
  3. You can barely manage to finish a Walk-A-Thon.
  4. You have average fortitude. If the reward is good enough, you'll probably do it.
  5. You're physically active and go running every other day.
  6. You start every morning with 100 pushups.
  7. You can run a Marathon with no problems.
  8. You came in first at the last Triathlon.
  9. You consider sleep to be wasted time.
  10. You can take on a battalion of stormtroopers and not break a sweat.
  11. You've trekked the circumference of Tatooine with only one canteen ... and without stopping to rest.


Your physical beauty.
  1. Looking at you makes people want to stab their own eyes out.
  2. Your face isn't even something a mother could love.
  3. Your not elephant man ugly, but your not attractive.
  4. Average looks. It's what's on the inside that counts.
  5. You can catch some eyes with merely a smile.
  6. You attract people of both genders.
  7. The song "I Touch Myself" was written about you.
  8. You're the poster child for interspecies relationships.
  9. When walking into a room, people stop what they're doing to look at you.
  10. Other people run into things staring at you.
  11. You cause traffic accidents when in public. Repeatedly.


The Mental Statributes represent the cognitive characteristics of your character. Each of the stats represents something different, and basically mirror the physical statributes.


How in tune your senses and mind are. (Note: this is without any force created enhancements)
  1. You are a vegetable, but without the taste.
  2. You are the Helen Keller of your species.
  3. You completely lack one of your senses.
  4. Your senses are normal.
  5. You have slightly above average senses. A normal Jedi.
  6. One of your senses is enhanced.
  7. Two of your senses are enhanced.
  8. Three of your senses are enhanced.
  9. Four of your senses are enhanced.
  10. All of your senses are enhanced.
  11. If it happened within a kilometer, you know about it.


The quickness of your mind.
  1. Jar-Jar has out-smarted you.
  2. Mental math is no problem... as long as you stay in single digits.
  3. You usually have a personal droid do most of your thinking.
  4. You have got average wits.
  5. You are known for your come-backs.
  6. You solve logic puzzles for fun.
  7. You can complete a Rubik's Cube in under 15 seconds.
  8. You have never lost a game of HoloChess.
  9. Given the firepower, you could take over an entire planet.
  10. Yoda has been known to come to you for advice.
  11. You consider Thrawn an amateur when it comes to tactics.


Mental energy and motivation.
  1. "Be mindful of the force--oh, look at the kitty!"
  2. You are no stranger to Ritalin.
  3. Getting side-tracked is a regular part of your life.
  4. Your concentration level is average.
  5. You have never lost a staring contest.
  6. You've actually taken the time to figure out what Jar-Jar is saying.
  7. You've focused so much on tasks before you that you forgot to breathe.
  8. Multi-tasking is second-nature.
  9. You've never lost at the shell game.
  10. You have been known to spend hours deciding on your next move in HoloChess.
  11. You can kill a yak from 200 yards...with mind-bullets!


How apt you are at influencing others.
  1. Even the walls don't pay attention when you talk to them.
  2. People won't even accept your bribes.
  3. Threats are your only means of influencing others.
  4. Children will buy candy from you.
  5. Adults will buy candy from you.
  6. You can talk your way through Immigrations.
  7. You make bad pick-up lines sound good.
  8. You could convince a Jawa to sell you a droid for 5 credits and include a lifetime waranty.
  9. You don't need the Force to make a stormtrooper believe these aren't the droids he's looking for.
  10. You could convince someone to sell you a Krayt Dragon Pearl for 100 credits.
  11. You can make a snitch pay YOU for listening to his information.



The Combat Expertises are how much you know about all things that relate to combat. These are your knowledges on things, and represent how much you know a certain combat skill, not how much you can actually do. Your Combat Expertises, along with your Physical and Mental Statributes, influence your actual Combat skills. The more adept you are at certain things and the more you know about them, the more adept you'll be at doing certain things.


Knowledge and understanding of various explosives.
  1. Your extremely limited knowledge of explosives keeps you far away from them.
  2. You took the Demolitions course at IWATS and failed "Pulling the Pin, 101".
  3. You have learned the very basics of using Grenades.
  4. You have been acquainted with the generic grenades (Frag, Proximity).
  5. You have been acquainted with the exotic grenades (Cryo, Glop, Flash-bang, Gas).
  6. You have been acquainted with heavy grenades (Thermal Detonators).
  7. You have been acquainted with heavy placement explosives (Plastique).
  8. You have been acquainted with distance delivery technology for Grenades (RPGs, Grenade Launchers).
  9. You have been acquainted with Heavy Rocket weaponry and Mines.
  10. You have developed advanced uses of known Demolition weapons.
  11. You know how to use the most advanced techniques to increase the yield or make the most of any explosive weaponry.

Melee Weapons

How to fight using non-ranged weapons.
  1. You can tell the difference between basic melee weapon types. How to use them is another story.
  2. You know the basics of handling one type of weapon.
  3. You know the basics of handling two types of weapons.
  4. You know the basics of handling three types of weapons.
  5. You are proficient with one type of weapon and know the basics of two other types.
  6. You are proficient with two types of weapons and know the basics of one other type.
  7. You are proficient with three types of weapons.
  8. You have mastered the use of one type of weapon and are proficient with two other types.
  9. You have mastered the use of two types of weapons and are proficient with one other type.
  10. You have mastered the use of three types of weapons.
  11. Students travel across the galaxy to learn from you.


How to pilot a ship.
  1. The passenger life suits you just fine.
  2. You know that a parsec measures distance, not time.
  3. Engines make it move, thrusters make it turn.
  4. The basic purpose behind a hyperdrive is clear to you.
  5. You aren't completely intimidated by instrument panels, as long as you don't have to touch them.
  6. In a pinch, you know how to change navigation coordinates.
  7. You're familar with basic evasive maneuvers.
  8. You're familiar with basic combat attack patterns.
  9. You're familiar with advanced defensive holding patterns.
  10. You're familiar with advanced combat and evasive maneuvers.
  11. If you could find a ship hot enough, you could terrorize a system patrol fleet.

Ranged Weapons

How to fight using ranged weapons, e.g. blasters.
  1. You have seen ranged weapons before, but that's about it.
  2. At one point, you walked into a gun store, and held a gun in your hands exclaiming "Wow. That's heavy!"
  3. You have been familiarized with light sidearms.
  4. You have been familiarized with medium sidearms.
  5. You have been familiarized with heavy sidearms.
  6. You have been familiarized with light carbines.
  7. You have been familiarized with medium carbines.
  8. You have been familiarized with heavy carbines.
  9. You have been familiarized with light rifles.
  10. You have been familiarized with medium rifles.
  11. You have been familiarized with heavy rifles.


How to fight without the aid of weapons.
  1. The only thing you know is that hitting something will cause some sort of damage.
  2. You have a basic understanding of how to punch and block.
  3. You know the right time to punch and block.
  4. You regularly study boxing matches.
  5. You know about the principles of leverage and momentum.
  6. The basic principles of effective self-defense are intuitive to you.
  7. You have studied a form of unarmed personal combat.
  8. You are familiar with more than one style of unarmed personal combat.
  9. You are well-respected for a knowledge of unarmed combat techniques.
  10. There is no popular form of personal combat that you are not acquainted with.
  11. You are one of the galaxy's foremost authorities on martial arts and unarmed personal warfare.


The Scientific Expertises represent how much you know on a wide range of fields of study in the galaxy. Ranging from the

standard sciences you took in high school to the more theoretical discussions on socialization and though patterns.


The composition, structure, properties, and reactions of a substance.
  1. Little Gravvie was a chemist, but he isn't anymore, for what he thought was H20 was H2S04.
  2. You know enough to not drink bleach.
  3. Basic knowledge of what is and isn't toxic is intuitive to you.
  4. You are familiar with the concept of a Periodic Table.
  5. You actually have used a Periodic Table.
  6. You understand various states of matter and periodic families.
  7. You're renowned for your home brews.
  8. Why pay full price for bacta when you can buy the ingredients wholesale and mix it yourself?
  9. Synthesis of materials and solutions is an everyday occurrence for you.
  10. If you had remembered to patent the design of that one drug, you'd have made billions on the black market.
  11. You could hide bodies by breaking them down into their molecular elements.


The study of deductive reasoning in combination with tangible evidence to answer the unknown.
  1. Skylight is broken. Puddle is on the floor. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON??
  2. You get the first description.
  3. You're still grappling with the concept that if you cut yourself, you bleed.
  4. When giving reasons for why something is, you use totally unrelated concepts. (i.e. The doghouse is red because Ice Cream lacks bones.)
  5. The reasoning in #3 makes your head hurt.
  6. You've grasped basic cause and effect.
  7. Given a book of 200 logic puzzles, you'd have them all done and right in 5 days.
  8. 3 days.
  9. You had a job as a Crime Scene Investigator, but you got sick of having to look at pubic hairs for a living.
  10. You're so far beyond the Man in the Trenchcoat, he's actively been trying to kill you.
  11. Columbo called. He wants his groove back.


The science of matter and energy and of interactions between the two.
  1. You are familiar with gravity and have no desire to learn more.
  2. You heard 'Equal and Opposite reactions' in class once, and said "I thought this was physics! Not chemistry!"
  3. In dealing with Time vs. Distance graphing, you got confused when they replaced a human with a dot for simplicity's sake.
  4. You would have put more points in Physics, but you couldn't figure out why they don't use numbers when they do math.
  5. How you like DEM apples?!
  6. You've memorized a good deal of physics equations.
  7. All of Neutonian Physics is childs play to you.
  8. You're far more certain about your principles than Heisenberg was.
  9. You get the hidden punchline in that joke.
  10. You know all about waves, particle interaction, and nearly-parallel lines.
  11. Given a cocktail napkin and a pen, you can scribble down the answers to String Theory.


The biological study of the functions of living organisms and their parts.
  1. You have trouble naming the parts of your own body.
  2. You can name all your organs and their functions.
  3. You can give the scientific name for every bone in your body.
  4. You know the name of every muscle on your body.
  5. You have a good understanding of your specie's pressure points.
  6. You know virtually every weakness of your specie's physiology.
  7. You have an extensive knowledge of most sentient species' physiology.
  8. Given the ingredients, you could create specific medicines for nearly every curable disease.
  9. You know the scientific name for every living organism known to the universe.
  10. You can explain in detail the vital functions of most organisms.
  11. If it's a living organism, then you can give an impromptu oral dissertation on it.


The science of government or governing.
  1. Help! Help! You're being repressed!
  2. You know the Senate makes things occur slowly, and make snide comments about it without any knowledge on why they're called the "Legislature".
  3. The most you know of politics is that it's a popularity contest. This is based exclusively on your knowledge of Student Government.
  4. You voted for R'al'ph Na'der.
  5. You've learned enough to know that the more morally detestable a person is, the better a politican they will be.
  6. They want you to vote, they need to pay you a bribe.
  7. You've served in some political office.
  8. People have called you "Palpy" since you clipped the 'Nuclear Arms' bill to the 'Flags for Children' bill to get it passed.
  9. You turned down an appointment to Moff because you'd rather kill the bureaucrats than pay them.
  10. You know who runs things behind the scenes.
  11. You ARE the person who runs things behind the scenes.


The science that deals with mental processes and behavior.
  1. You and your brain have an understanding: You don't bother it, it doesn't bother you.
  2. You've tried to remember your dreams.
  3. You think you're immune to JawaJava's subliminal holonet ads... but you're not.
  4. You understand most of your dreams.
  5. You even understand that one where you're running, then you're at a briefing naked with a Kawokian Monkey Lizard on your leg.
  6. Noobs have been known to lose entire fortunes to you at the Sabaac table.
  7. You can analyze an opponent after a day with 80% accuracy.
  8. You know your friends better than they know themselves.
  9. Your alias is named Dr. Ph'il.
  10. You know your enemies better than they know themselves.
  11. You can rewire nearly anyone given enough time and patience.


The study of human social behavior.
  1. Admit it, you're trying to figure out how to pronounce the last two words above this sentence.
  2. The concept of "Nature vs. Nurture" means very little to you.
  3. You can't comprehend that Communism is an economic system.
  4. You hear the words "Nuclear Family" and think power plant.
  5. You look at a Genetic Deviation chart and say "Why are there 'y's? They're suposta be 'O's."
  6. You understand why that joke is funny.
  7. You've a good grip on the impact of family situations and related child socialization.
  8. You know Mechanical Solidarity has nothing to do with what it sounds like.
  9. You have a good grasp on the social behavior of your native species and two others.
  10. You understand the fundamental societal differences between several major galactic species.
  11. You have written papers on the societal similiarities and differences of multiple species.


The Technology Expertises are how much you know about the things in the high tech world, like droid programming, computer

interfacing, and security systems. These are your knowledges on things, and represent how much you know a given technological concept, not how much you can actually do.


Knowledge of various security systems.
  1. You can't even crack open your sister's diary.
  2. If you had a key, you could open this door.
  3. If there's something you can break to get you in, you'll do it. Finesse and skill are replaced by broken glass, for you.
  4. It's not uncommon for you to use a credit card to sneak back into your Clan’s headquarters when you lock yourself out.
  5. Lockpicks are not out of your realm of knowledge, but only with simpler tumblers.
  6. You know which wires to cross in the control panel.
  7. You can slice your way through simple code locks.
  8. You can effectively set up and use Trip Wires and Surveillance equipment.
  9. Given enough time, you can crack card-swipe locks and punch-key entry systems.
  10. You know how to crack bio-recognition security devices (retna scan, finger print, voice IDs) given enough time. You also know how to fix the backdoors in

these, to make ones you use a tad more secure.

  1. You could have designed most of the security systems in the galaxy.


Knowledge of computer software, hardware, and processing.
  1. "Where's the 'ANY' key?"
  2. You logged onto the DB site once, and after updating some personal information, crashed it.
  3. You've managed to master the basics of checking for messages.
  4. You can interact with your ships computers...provided the AI is helping.
  5. You can type with great speed and accuracy.
  6. You've managed to type with one hand better than most people type with 2.
  7. The Holonet is a powerful resource at your fingertips, and you are usually prepared with background information.
  8. You can perform some basic maintenance on your terminal.
  9. You've worked closely with members of the Cernun Technical Office and are privvy to some of the lower end Roster functions.
  10. Your custom terminal set up at home has one keyboard, one mouse, 6 monitors. 3 are images of the oppisite sex, 3 contain thousands of lines of code.
  11. You're no longer sure the image of the opposite sex is what's doing it for you.



Your combat skills are the actual stats used for determing who is better equipped to layeth the smackdown. Combat Skills are determined by taking your Expertises and Statributes, and making composite readouts on how effective you are at doing a certain combat skill.


Ability to fight effectively without the use of weapons.
  1. You somehow manage to kidney punch yourself. We're still trying to figure out the physics.
  2. You almost won a cat fight with your younger sister.
  3. You were the Shadow Academy Pillow-Fight champion.
  4. You can hold your own in a cantina-fight, so long as there's not *too* many of them.
  5. You've easily defended yourself against two or three muggers.
  6. You pick fights in cantinas for fun.
  7. You always win them.
  8. You dominated the Eos Royal Rumble.
  9. "3,653 battles...not a scratch yet."
  10. You could take a squad of stormtroopers with one hand tied to your face.
  11. "You know who that is? Dalton!" "He killed a guy once, ripped his throat right out."


Ability to use explosives for a desired outcome.
  1. You once used a grenade as a bludgeoning tool, as you couldn't figure out what else to do with it.
  2. You can pull the pin, but after that, it's all up to chance.
  3. You can mix styrofoam and orange juice to create a really disgusting drink.
  4. You can set off firecrackers when you celebrate New Years, and you're almost guarenteed to not lose a finger.
  5. You can do the aforementioned, but be good enough to purposefully blow off one of somebody else's fingers.
  6. You know the very basics of where to set up charges to blow holes in walls and doors.
  7. You can clear a minefield in 20 minutes.
  8. You can set one up in 10.
  9. You're known for taking out an entire flight of X-Wings while YOU were still on the ground.
  10. If it explodes or combusts, you know some way to take out a person or building with very small amounts of it.
  11. If it can be blown up, and you've got a reason to, it will be. If it can't be blown up... well, that hasn't stopped you yet.


Ability to dodge objects.
  1. You were the fat kid in grade school.
  2. When someone says "duck," you've learned not to look around for fowl.
  3. You've mastered "Duck and Cover".
  4. Stop, Drop, and Roll. Not just for when you point the Flamethrower backwards anymore.
  5. You can do the most basic parry moves in Melee combat.
  6. You can dodge traffic, wrenches, and balls.
  7. When you bob and weave, you no longer look like a retarded penguin.
  8. You can dodge darts, daggers, and most basic martial arts.
  9. If you can see where they're shooting from, you can dodge some blaster shots.
  10. Whether by luck or that big sheet of durasteel, you managed to survive a shoot-out with a squad of Royal Guard unscathed.
  11. Who needs the Matrix?

Flight Maneuvers

Ability to maneuver a ship in reaction to what's happening around you.
  1. You've been banned from the simulators for crashing too much.
  2. Your pilot droid smacked you the first time you touched the control yoke.
  3. You can fly from point A to point B if it's a straight line and 3 klicks away.
  4. You can fly and shoot at the same time, however, you won't do so hot at either.
  5. You've finally been allowed to land the ship by yourself.
  6. You've destroyed a ship you actually INTENDED to attack.
  7. This is my ship. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
  8. You can make short work of a half-squadron of TIEs in your trusty Firespray.
  9. If you were at the helm, your cruiser might have been able to withstand firepower of that magnitude.
  10. You've been mistaken for a task force.
  11. "You're required to maneuver straight down this trench." was your order. 10 loop-de-loops at max speed and a successful hit without the targeting computer was what you did.


Ability to fight effectively using ranged weapons.
  1. What's that saying about a bazooka and the broad side of a barn?
  2. Standard Imperial Stormtrooper accuracy.
  3. You've mastered which end to not point at yourself.
  4. Two targets, at ten feet. Thirty shots. Zero hits.
  5. You can use a sidearm with some effectiveness.
  6. You're not winning any marksmanship awards for range, but if you shoot long enough, a number of things will die.
  7. You've tried the William Tell trick with all three of your still have two sons.
  8. If you can concentrate long enough, you can hit a moving target with a couple shots.
  9. You can quick-draw your pistol and knock off 3 targets before they know you have.
  10. You can hit a man between the eyes from 500 yards away.
  11. You're like the Phoenix missile system, a fire and forget weapon able to accuratly track multipul targets at the same time.


Ability to fight effectively using non-ranged weapons.
  1. The pointy end goes into the other man.
  2. You can make that steak wish it'd never been born.
  3. If your opponent would just stop moving, you could eff him up big time.
  4. If you really focus, you can manage to land a couple hits on your opponent in the heat of battle.
  5. Given the proper weapon, you could go toe-to-toe with an opponent and really ruin their day.
  6. You have impecible footwork and blade control.
  7. People would rather face a platoon of Stormtroopers than your blade.
  8. Small groups attacking you can be fought off with some effort.
  9. The platoon of Stormtroopers aren't too hot on facing your blade either.
  10. You can dissect an opponent with surgical precision and manage to block most if not all of their hits.
  11. "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."


Your combat augmentation are a set of skills which aren't in and of themselves designed for use in combat, however, do still contribute to your skills when fighting. As such, these are not restricted to specifically combat, but they do contribute heavily to it.


Awareness of what is happening around you.
  1. Wait, I'm a Jedi? On what planet? Wow.
  2. The reason you're still single despite an Appearance of 10 is because you don't realize when people try to come on to you.
  3. Your alarm clock wakes you up - two hours later.
  4. When you put your hand on the stove, you didn't realize why your parents slapped it away until 6 seconds later.
  5. You can beat the old fogeys at bingo occasionally.
  6. You know when a Hutt has entered the room.
  7. You can tell when there's a trap coming up, which unfortunately means you're walking first in a group.
  8. You can avoid most ambush situations.
  9. You got caught in an ambush once...your first week at the Shadow Acadmey.
  10. The 3rd Ecumenical Temple of Eos has dubbed you "Patron Saint of Prescience".
  11. If you wore blue and red tights, they would call what you had a 'Spidey' Sense.


Creation and implementation of medical practices.
  1. You can put a bandaid on...but only if it has cute fuzzy animals on it.
  2. Bacta is your friend, and you understand why.
  3. You know your way around the standard medpac.
  4. You pulled an internship at a good hospital when you were younger.
  5. You've practiced some discipline of homeopathic medicine.
  6. You can effectively diagnose and treat minor injuries with limited supplies.
  7. You can set broken bones and treat gut wounds, and with the proper equipment you could perform major surgery.
  8. You used to be a highly paid surgeon, before you realized you just liked to see the insides of people and didn't want to worry about closing them up again.
  9. You performed a successful heart transplant on a Hutt using a pair of chopsticks. You can also make some nasty biological agents.
  10. You can seperate twins conjoined at the head with three bandaids and a toenail clipper.
  11. Same as 9, but now both of them will survive.


Creation and implementation of poisons.
  1. Your only experience with lethal chemicals is your past love of wall candy.
  2. The most experience you have with Poison is putting our rat-traps.
  3. You know just enough about poisons to not want to use them.
  4. Your use of poison is limited to pre-tipped darts.
  5. You know which drink the iocaine powder was in.
  6. You're comfortable with poison-coating your weapons yourself.
  7. You know how to administer the antidote to several common poisons.
  8. You can take any common substance and make it lethal.
  9. Not only can you do that, but you know how to conter-act them, too.
  10. You can custom-tailor a substance to have any effect from orgasm-inducing to instant-death.
  11. You know more about Poisons and remedies than all but 90 beings. In the galaxy.


Ability to sneak around unnoticed.
  1. You can hide in the dark, if nobody else is in the room.
  2. You step on every stick or kick every can when trying to be stealthy.
  3. If you had a personal invisibility cloak, you could probly still be found.
  4. You can hide in a trash can and produce small amounts of rumbling noise.
  5. Your hiding was so good in the Ninth Annual Eos Hide-and-Seek tournament you got an honorary whoopie cushion.
  6. You can blend in to a crowd.
  7. You've infiltrated a smuggler's hole undetected before.
  8. Not only that, but you got out undetected too.
  9. "I think you underestimate my sneakiness."
  10. You slipped past the guard, garroted everyone inside the base, attached a small thermonuclear warhead to the guards back, and got back to the cantina...without the Twi'lek you were hitting on realizing you had left, or raising any alarms.
  11. For the past two years, you've been living in the Grand Master's estate...and no one has any clue.

Technological Aptitude

Ability to mend deficiencies or damage.
  1. You never could figure out LEGOs.
  2. When you were a child, you use to take things apart to see how they worked. You got confused and played with dolls every time you did.
  3. Popsicle stick houses are your forte.
  4. You think the word "tweak" involves a caffeine addiction and South Park.
  5. If it is broke, you might be able to fix it, given time, coffee, and a set of really tiny screwdrivers.
  6. You can do very basic weapon modifications (hair triggers, permanant scopes).
  7. You are no stranger to basic astromech circuitry.
  8. You can do very basic armour modifications.
  9. Your weapon and armour modifications will usually work.
  10. If it ain't broke, well, even if it is, you can make it better.
  11. You are the Borg.


Your Miscellaneous skills are just that, the things that aren't necessarily part of combat or fighting. They cover everything from tracking down your opponent to disguising yourself and even getting how adpat you are at getting information from your contacts.


Ability to adopt a believable persona.
  1. Michael Jackson.
  2. You think make-up comes with the kissing and the sex after an argument.
  3. Your accents are about as believable as Mike Myers as Fat Bastard.
  4. You're better at it than Clark Kent.
  5. You know how to dye your hair or apply skin coloring.
  6. Your own mother wouldn't recognize you.
  7. You can change your voice well enough to fool most low-end Voice Recognition Software.
  8. You are better at dressing up in drag than a student at an English all-boys school.
  9. You've dated your mother for a month without her realising.
  10. People are often shocked in bed when they discover that you have a different number of appendages to what they're expecting.
  11. You can cover that up, too.


Ability to get others to do what you want.
  1. You're more naïve than Zoidberg.
  2. You manipulate yourself every night...sometimes twice in one day.
  3. The only manipulation you've ever been involved in was with a chiropractor.
  4. You talk Pizza the Hutt employees into giving you discounts without the vouchers.
  5. This one time, at band camp, you got a member of your preferred gender to toot your flute.
  6. You never have to pay the bill at the end of the night.
  7. "My ridiculously circuitous plan is one-quarter complete!"
  8. You managed to talk the devil down from Eternal Damnation to a Fiddle Contest.
  9. You could play a Hutt like a slitherhorn. Not that you'd want to.
  10. You once talked the MAA into promoting you "just cause".
  11. You are the love child of Bismarck and Disraeli.


Ability to get into electronic systems for a desired purpose.
  1. You use Windows ME.
  2. You're l33t h3xx0r.
  3. 010110 010110 111101 110101 001000 000111 001101 110101 011000 110110 101100 100000 011000 010111 010000 100000 011100 110110 110001 101001 011000 110110 100101 101110 011001
  4. You can translate 2.
  5. You think Hash is what you smoked last night.
  6. You've been known to throw a few more credits into your bank account from time to time.
  7. Kernel doesn't refer to popcorn.
  8. When your Holonet hacks crashed it, you made up a convenient story about someone being foolish enough to put the location of their ID as their picture, and everyone believed it.
  9. You're the reason Jedi aren't allowed to use the Holonet anymore.
  10. You once got into the nerve centre of the New Republic using nothing more than social engineering.
  11. You're like the gang in Sneakers with that all-decryption chip.


Ability to tell believable lies.
  1. I'm not a virgin. Why are you all laughing?
  2. There are WMDs in Iraq.
  3. I did not have sex with that woman.
  4. I'm not a crook.
  5. Your mother believes you hold down an honest job.
  6. She believed you when you said you loved her.
  7. Your seven spouses have yet to figure out you're a polygamist.
  8. You're Kaan. You've just been appointed Tactician.
  9. You worked at Area 51.
  10. The Galactic Sabacc Tour banned you.
  11. They didn't, and you bathe in money.


Ability to track someone using physical clues.
  1. You just barely manage to find your feet in the morning.
  2. You can echolocate your comlink when it's ringing under the sofa.
  3. "Judging by these tracks, he's roughly my height, my weight, wearing shoes like mine, and he's walking in a... a circular... ah dammit."
  4. You can read footprints for speed and direction. Accurately.
  5. You know a few key people at most of the major spaceports...or you know where to find others like them at other spaceports.
  6. You can follow a fleeing target well through the major space lanes.
  7. You can follow the pickpocket through Coruscant's bowels and get back your Lucky Charms.
  8. You sometimes know where they're going before they do.
  9. You can follow a shapeshifter through the Galaxy's Fair with no equipment.
  10. If they've been here within the last 72 hours, you know where they went, how fast, and why.
  11. You can track a Ryn across the galaxy as long as his head start isn't more than 4 weeks.



Conscience is the one stat area on the character sheet that is not governed by the point restrictions elsewhere. This is

because the level of this particular stat you have doesn't determine what your character can do, but instead is part of how your character acts. It's a nice, concrete way for you to show what kind of person your particular character is.


This represents how your character acts and feels about things. Characters with a relativly low conscience feel less compassion and hesitate less when committing attrocities (like blowing up large chunks of Bespin). Conversely, Jedi with high conscience will be

more caring, and may even attempt to help people out of their situations instead of killing them. Jedi with high Conscience scores care more about people, and thus have more friends, while those will a lower conscience score are more lone wolves.

  1. You'd slit your mama's throat for a nickel.
  2. Two words: Stewie Griffin.
  3. I don't care about those kids that were nice all year, this guy offered me 43 IC's for Santa's Sleigh!
  4. You root for the Yankees.
  5. Sure you force children to work in the sweat shops, but at least you feed them.
  6. You own the Bum Fights boxed set.
  7. Vow of chastity is all well and good, but that Nun was hot!
  8. You've only considered killing Brukhar once.
  9. You consider all alternatives first, but there are some times when you just have to blow up the damn planet.
  10. You almost bagged the lightsider, but there was a butterfly flitting around his head, and you didn't want to chance harming it.
  11. When did Ghandi become a Dark Jedi?

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