Characters BJ Throws a Tantrum

  • BJ
  • BJ's Mom
  • BJ's Dad
  • Barney
  • Baby Bop


One day, BJ and his parents went to the video store, He saw a Thomas and Friends Spills and Chills and Other Thomas Thrills VHS tape. His parents tries to get him one but BJ started to cry and throws a tantrum. BJ's parents drag him out of the store and they locked him in his room for his punishment. The next morning, BJ and the parents went to the toy store, He saw a retired Thomas train Sawmill Log Car his parents refused to get him one. His parents say "NO!", BJ starts throwing a big tantrum again, so he is punished and locked up in his room, Barney consoles his problem. Then, He was cross with BJ's parents by punishing them in his room.


  • Mark Hamill: One day, BJ and his parents went to a VHS store, he saw a Thomas And Friends Spills and Chills and Other Thomas Thrills VHS tape, then it happened.
  • BJ: May I have that VHS tape?
  • BJ's Mom: No, BJ!
  • BJ's Dad: Never ever!
  • Mark Hamill: And after that, BJ threw a loud temper tantrum, and he started to cry!
  • BJ: But! But! BWAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!! BWaaaaaaaaah!!!!! I want that Chuck E Cheese in the Galaxy 5000 tape, Pleeeeaaaaassse!!!!!!!!!
  • BJ'S Parents: Aw Be quiet BJ!!!!
  • BJ: [Cries some more when his parents drag him out of the store, BJ sobs and bawls behind]
  • BJ's Dad: (enraged) You will be grounded if you keep up this behavior!!!!!!
  • Mark Hamill: BJ and his angry parents left the VHS Store while BJ cried and sobbed in their car. But when they got home, they sent BJ up to his dark room for punishment.
  • BJ: AWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!! It's too late to get that VHS Tape, Too Late!!!!!!!
  • Mark Hamill: And BJ cried and whined even more. The next day, BJ and his Family went to a toy store, but just when they got in ,BJ got the gimmie gleam right in his eyes!
  • BJ: WOWOWOOW!!!!! Look at all these Thomas Trains I Want That Sawmill Log Car! ! Can I have it?!? PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!
  • BJ's Mom: BJ, you have many Thomas Trains at home.
  • BJ's Dad [cut's in] Besides, those trains cost money.
  • BJ's Parents: (violently) BJ, CUT IT OUT!!!!!!
  • BJ:[Start's to sob and cry] [Sobs] AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! OHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I WANT THAT SAWMILL LOG CAR!!!!!! YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I, Want it NOOOOOOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! [Keeps on crying and sobbing while BJ's Parents laugh at him]
  • BJ's Parents: (anger issues) If YOU ARE KEEPING THIS UP THEN ALL YOU WANT IS A SPANKING!!!!!!!!!
  • BJ: (gets spanked) AUUUUUUUUUUUUGH! No! No! Nooooo!!!!!!!
  • Mark Hamill: His Parents were so disappointed and angry that they dragged BJ out of the store hard while he was bawling out his eyes behind. And they put him in his dark room again.
  • BJ: [Still crying and sobbing in his room] I'LL NEVER GET THAT SPILLS AND CHILLS TAPE OR THE SAWMILL LOG CAR!!!!!!!! IT'S ALL MY MOM AND DAD'S FAULT!!!!
  • Barney: BJ, what's wrong?
  • BJ: All I wanted is the Spills & Chills tape or a Sawmill log car, but I tried to get one, but mommy and daddy punished me when I throw a tantrum.
  • Barney: Don't worry. I'll stop your parents from their anger and punishings.
  • BJ: You will?
  • Mark Hamill: Soon, Barney was very angry with BJ's parents.
  • Barney: BJ's Mom and Dad, you've got mad and punished BJ in his room too many times! For your punishment, you'll be in his room for two months!
  • BJ's Parents: Two months?! You can't be serious!
  • Barney: Yes, I Am!
  • Mark Hamill: Soon, BJ was out of his room. His parents apologized to him.
  • BJ's Mom: We're sorry we had punished you.
  • BJ's Dad: And, we thought your tantrums are bad, upsetting, disrupting and disgusting. But they are really emotional, matterful and okay.
  • BJ: Tantrums are now okay, emotional and matterful.
  • Mark Hamill: BJ's Parents began to bawl, sob, blubber and cry.
  • Mark Hamill: When Barney and BJ went upstairs and watched their new Thomas and Friends Spills and Chills VHS tape and played with his Sawmill Log Car.
  • Barney: You put in the tape and press play.
  • BJ: Yes, Barney.
  • Mark Hamill: As for BJ's Parents, they learned their lesson that they will not punish BJ anymore. I think they deserved their punishment don't you?


  • BJ has the S8-12 Cartman voice and his cries are the same Cartman crying taken from the episode: The Death of Eric Cartman when Cartman thinks he heard his mom crying.
  • In BJ's room, a poster of Duck from the Thomas & Friends episode, Buzz Buzz, can be seen.

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