BPM is an OpenSource software editor. We think our developpment may also be open.

If you don't work at BPM:

  1. Presumably, you will understand very few,
  2. but your comments will be appreciated even at an early stage of the developpment.

If you work at BPM:

  1. feel free to edit (10 mn learning),
  2. to insert remarks,
  3. to correct bugs (i.e., report corrected bugs),
  4. you may also also register, add a watch to pages, tell opinions to coauthors,...


A web server to built reports from user database and hypercubes.

Author: Dunklau Ronan
First install : 7-mai-2007
History log


A hypercubes explorator

author: Emmanuel Reynard
created: september 2006
current version: V0.69
history log

FA Security

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