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What is BREW?

BREW = Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless

BREW Development Overview

This is the starting point of a wiki about BREW development. For those who have never heard of BREW, like the me of yesterday, it's a set of libraries for developing cell phone applications. It seems that different cell phones support different library implementations, and BREW is one of them. It's developed by Qualcomm, and seems to be geared towards Visual Studio-based development. If all that seems kind of vague, it is. I started learning about this yesterday.


I bought a new cell phone. It's an LG VX-8300. It supports BREW apps. I want to write a cell phone app (for purely personal reasons). So I'm going to write it using BREW, so I can use it on my cell phone.

Getting started

Day 3: Working on starting a project: with the SDK in hand, I've now got to start a VS project (I have VS.NET student edition) using the SDK. There are some tutorials and notes about this, so I'll be trying to follow those to begin.

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