Getting an ARM Compiler

General Information

If you're not used to embedded development (like me), remember that you're not developing for an x86 architecture anymore! Which means you need to compile to the architecture you're going to use, which for me is ARM.


So there's a commercial ARM Compiler called RealView that makes a special version just for BREW. It costs only $1500. So if this is your business, get that. For me, this is my passion and hobby, so... off to the free stuff.

GNU also makes an ARM Compiler. And there's a nice little set of GNU tools available for free called WINARM. Forum posts on Qualcomm's site have led me to download the from the following location:

This is a packaged version, so will probably not be the absolute latest. Using the latest versions seem to require the use of a shell program like CygWin.


[will let you know when i do it]

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