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General Information

Downloading BREW is not a trivial exercise. Qualcomm, right or wrong, has decided to try to keep a very tight log on who installs the BREW SDK. They're not trying to restrict access at all, just to watch who downloads it. But of course that means that any problems with your identification lead to problems with the download. What that means is, when they ask you personal information, don't follow standard internet practices of lying your ass off and using freemail servers for registration, etc., because it means that later on your download won't work.


It seems at first glance like the nature of the installer requires that you use Internet Explorer for download. That was no issue for me, but for fans of other browsers, it could be an issue.

The download page is here.

When you first visit you will be asked to enter an e-mail address based registration. See the section on Registration for mor information on this step.

Once you've registered you can then use a web-based installation of any released version of the BREW SDK. As far as I can tell there is no way to download an off-line installer.


Registration is where I ended up having a problem. The first thing that Qualcomm's tech support told me about registration is that they sometimes refuse freemail addresses (yahoo, hotmail, etc.). This wasn't my problem, but it could have been.

There is also a note on the registration page about being sure to enter a valid company name, whatever that means, or there might be problems downloading. I mentioned to the tech support guys that my download wasn't affiliated with a company activity, and asked what I should put in this field when that was the case, so we'll see if they respond and what they say about it. I'm pretty sure this is where my problem was.

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