I'm just gonna RP with myself for one post,k pplz who come later?

Wolf: What the heck is he talking about....? Hmm...*walks over to Bleck*

Bleck: *sees Wolf*Who would you be?

Wolf: Wolf O'Donnell...*still holding his blaster*

Bleck:Heh...You seem quite strong...

Wolf: Yes,yes I am. Now what is this talk of conquering this city...?

Bleck:Bleh heh heh heh...Oh,it's just part of my secret plan. Not even my servants know what that is...*smirks*Hmm....Heh,maybe you'd like to like to join Bleck's army?

Wolf: Hmm....What would I gwt in return?

Count Bleck: I can promise that you'd also be a ruler of this place....Bleh heh heh heh...

Wolf: Deal. *puts his blaster away*

Bleck: The rest of the army for right now is gonna be here right now...*makes Roy,Wario,Waluigi,O'Chunks,the Koopa Bros.,Fawful,and King Boo*

Wolf: ( What a pathetic army... ) *walks over to them*

Bleck:And with that,I'm gone! Bleh heh heh heh heh Bleck...*vanishes*

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