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Takrah is a rather interesting Toa. His father is Takrahk, the only Rahkshi-Di ever known to survive the process. Takrah's mother was never really known, and not even Takrah really knows who his mother is. He suspects a female Aurahk though. Takrah was born into a world of conflict. He was born on the day the Lightbringer-Darkbringer war broke out in Xa-Koro. During this war, he was raised as a small, Rahkshi warrior by his father and his aunt, Vinrahk. Takrahk taught him about the light inside, and how to use it for healing and for offensive techniques. At the end of the Lightbringer-Darkbringer war, Takrah had an amazing growth spurt. Takrahk commented upon the fact this was because he was a Toa Hordika, not a Rahkshi. Then, Takrahk left and resumed his guardian duties in Paradise, but not before blessing his son, and telling him that he was a priest now.

Takrah ended up on Manga-Iun, where he was captured by a bounty hunter. Though he managed to escape, Takrah realized that Rahkshi weren't too well liked anywhere, and he entered a state of depression...

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