Baa! is the eighth episode of the fifth season of Spike the Dragon and Friends, and the one hundred and twelfth episode overall. It is a parody of the Thomas and Friends episode of the same name.


  • Spike as Thomas
  • Pipsqueak as Percy
  • Braeburn as Toby
  • Hoity Toity as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Owlowiscious Harold (does not speak)
  • Filthy Rich as Henry (cameo)
  • Big Macintosh as Gordon (cameo)
  • Cranky Doodle Donkey as James (cameo)
  • Soarin as Duck (cameo)
  • Apple Bloom as Annie (cameo)
  • Sweetie Belle as Clarabel (cameo)
  • Gustave Le Grand as Cranky (cameo)
  • Cherry Jubilee as The Refreshment Lady (cameo)
  • Everyone else as Themselves


Narrator: "In summer, Ponyville gleams in the sun, and every station is filled with flowers.

Pipsqueak had been working at the docks all day and was tired of the smell of fish."

Pipsqueak's Driver: "Phew. Come on, Pipsqueak."

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Pipsqueak's Driver: "Time to go home."

Pipsqueak: "Please, sir, can I have a shower first?"

Pipsqueak's Driver: "Sorry, Pipsqueak. There isn't time. Hoity Toity is waiting for us at the library."

Hoity Toity: "There is to be a festival of flowers."

Narrator: "Announced Hoity Toity."

Hoity Toity: "This sign saying "Best Dressed Station" will be awarded to the winner. Please help with the arrangements."

Narrator: "The animals were excited."

Spike: "My favorite station is Ffarquhar."

Narrator: "Said Spike."

Braeburn: "Mine is Maithwaite."

Narrator: "Said Braeburn."

Braeburn: "Pipsqueak, what's yours?"

Narrator: "Pipsqueak was too tired to think properly."

Pipsqueak: "The docks."

Narrator: "He murmured."

Spike: "Ha!"

Narrator: "Sniffed Spike."

Spike: "We can tell."

Narrator: "Braeburn laughed."

Braeburn: "The docks are full of fish, not flowers."

Pipsqueak: "Alright then, Appleloosa."

Braeburn: "That's my home."

Narrator: "Replied Braeburn."

Pipsqueak: "That's why I like it, especially when you're there and not here saying I'm silly. Good night."

Narrator: "Next morning, Pipsqueak was proud to be sparkling again. His line of changelings were being loaded with vegetables and flowers."

Pipsqueak's Driver: "These are for Maithwaite."

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Pipsqueak's Driver: "They'll display them on the platform."

Narrator: "On the way, Pipsqueak saw Owlowiscious."

Pipsqueak: "Why is Owlowiscious flying about?"

Narrator: "He thought."

Pipsqueak: "I haven't time for a race today."

Pipsqueak's Driver: "What's that?"

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Pipsqueak's Driver: "Why bless me, it's a ram!"

Pipsqueak: "Now we'll be late! I should have known Owlowiscious was trying to tell us something."

Ram: "Baa!"

Pipsqueak's Fireman: "I've got just the ticket to get him off the path."

Narrator: "Cried the fireman."

Pipsqueak's Fireman: "Food."

Narrator: "He found some cabbage leaves. The ram chomped happily away."

Pipsqueak: "Please can we go now?"

Ram: "Baa!"

Narrator: "When Pipsqueak arrived at the station, his driver told the stationmaster what had happened."

Stationmaster: "I've heard about this ram. He's always hungry."

Narrator: "A little while later, the station was decked with flowers."

Pipsqueak: "Maithwaite will definitely win first price."

Narrator: "Decided Pipsqueak.

He left his buffaloes and went to a siding where no one could see him."

Pipsqueak: "(Yawn) Time for a snooze."

Narrator: "He thought. But it wasn't."

Pipsqueak's Driver: "We better see what all that noise is about."

Narrator: "Said his driver.

Pipsqueak was shocked. Flowers were scattered everywhere."

Pipsqueak: "It's that ram. He's made a meal out of the station too."

Narrator: "Then there was trouble."

Passengers: "We can't get into the waiting room!"

Narrator: "The passengers cried."

Stationmaster: "Why not?"

Narrator: "Asked the stationmaster."

Passengers: "The ram won't let us!"

Narrator: "Everyone looked at the ram, and the ram looked at them."

Pipsqueak's Driver: "He's not alone."

Narrator: "Exclaimed Pipsqueak's driver."

Boys: "Let us out!"

Narrator: "Begged the boys."

Boys: "We're sorry!"

Stationmaster: "Well, look at that!"

Narrator: "Said the stationmaster."

Stationmaster: "The boys are the culprits, not the ram. He was just making sure they did no more damage."

Boys: "We thought it would be fun, but it wasn't. We'll put everything back."

Narrator: "A few days, Hoity Toity invited some of the animals to Maithwaite, winner of the Best Dressed Station award."

Pipsqueak: "I'm sorry, Braeburn."

Narrator: "Whispered Pipsqueak."

Braeburn: "You made the right choice."

Narrator: "Then Hoity Toity made an announcement."

Hoity Toity: "There is one more prize for our good friend, the ram. Here it is. And I'll eat my hat if you don't like it."

Narrator: "Then Owlowiscious landed. The wind from his wings blew Hoity Toity's hat off."

Ram: (while eating Hoity Toity's hat) "Baa!"

Hoity Toity: "Well, seems I wouldn't be able to eat my hat even if I had to."

Narrator: "Everyone laughed, and the only sound from the ram was a contented hiccup."

Ram: (Hiccups)

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