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October/November 1999

  • Front It Says "Fully Restrord Special Edition"
  • Bottom (THX Certified)
  • Spy "Profile Picture" (Babe Pig)
  • Back "Fun Funyuns and Juicy Juice To Watch Babe Pig In The City" By Encore Starz Hotel-TV
  • Tape ("Pink Tape")
  • Label ("White Sticker Label")
  • Sticker Printdate ("November 18th 1999")
  • Inside The Case Some(Coupons and Booklets)

One Preview

  • Coming From Universal Home Video Logo
  • Peter Pan(2000) Trailer
  • Juicy Juice Promo
  • Blue Clues Short Film "Shape Searches"
  • FBI Warning
  • Formant Screen Bumper
  • THX Logo
  • Universal Logo

Ending To The Movie

  • Credits
  • Universal Silent Bumper
  • Blues Clues Short Film "Blue Takes You To School"
  • Paramount "Silent"

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